Leaving The European Union Will Break Up The United Kingdom

Leaving The European Union Will Break Up The United Kingdom

Leaving The European Union Will Break Up The United Kingdom

"This is the best deal for the United Kingdom, the best deal for Europe, this is the only deal possible", Juncker said.

May is meeting the other 27 European Union leaders in Brussels this weekend to sign off on a divorce treaty and political declaration to end more than 40 years as part of the world's biggest trading bloc.

But nothing in the negotiations has gone smoothly and the summit risked being derailed by a late objection to the deal by Spain over the British territory of Gibraltar. The British leader is under intense pressure from pro-Brexit and pro-EU British lawmakers, with large numbers on both sides of the debate opposing the divorce deal and threatening to vote it down when it comes to Parliament next month.

Dozens of members of her own party have indicated they will not support the deal and the opposition Labour party plans to vote it down.

"I must tell him that whilst he pursues the sovereignty of Gibraltar in the manner that he has today, he is doing no more than pursuing the policy bidding of the Generalisimo himself", said Picardo.

Her comments came as her former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said staying in the European Union would be better than leaving under Mrs May's deal.

The backstop "will put Northern Ireland under swathes of European Union laws with no say for anyone in Belfast or London (and create) a trade border down the Irish Sea", deputy DUP leader Nigel Dodds told the conference.

"It will be a deal that is in our national interest - one that works for our whole country and all of our people, whether you voted "Leave" or "Remain", she said, in a letter sent to reporters".

British Parliament: The biggest hurdle to implementing the agreement reached Sunday will be the upcoming vote in Britain's Parliament.

A diplomatic source said the minutes of Sunday's summit meeting of the 27 leaders would record those concerns.

It's important to remember that, while the events this weekend are critical to the process and clear the way for Brexit to push on, it is far from a done deal.

Sanchez said that the deal is "is going to allow us to have direct negotiations with the United Kingdom regarding Gibraltar".

Spain wants to discuss the future of the British Overseas Territory - over which it holds a historic claim - on a bilateral basis and completely separate from the future EU-UK talks. The summit, he said, could go ahead now that he had received written assurances that meant that in the future Madrid and London could directly negotiate on Brexit issues relating to Gibraltar. "In parliament and beyond it, I will make the case for this deal with all my heart and I look forward to that campaign".

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the United Kingdom could not hope to negotiate better terms before its departure in March.

The French leader said European leaders have a duty to "protect it against all those who forget that it is a guarantee of peace, prosperity and security".

If EU leaders sign off on the deal, it needs to be approved by the European and British Parliaments - a tough task for May, whose Conservatives lack a majority in the House of Commons.

Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez withdrew a threat to boycott Sunday's European Council just hours before Britain's Theresa May was due in Brussels.

In her conference speech, DUP leader Arlene Foster said: "The reality is that if we are to secure a better outcome than is now on offer, then the only option is to look beyond this current draft withdrawal agreement and work in the time ahead for an improved outcome".

Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva says that the original Brexit guidelines laid out past year that included assurances to Spain that it could deal with London directly on the issue of Gibraltar were "wise". "But, if you just presented me the terms, this deal or European Union membership, because we would effectively be bound by the same rules but without the control or voice over them, yes, I think this would be even worse than that".

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