It's Election Day - races are in the voters' hands

It's Election Day - races are in the voters' hands

It's Election Day - races are in the voters' hands

He anxious about people getting discouraged by the length of the ballot and wondered how many would take time to research all of the issues before coming to vote.

Pat Jefferson, director of Sumter County Voter Registration and Elections, said on every election day there are typically three voter-rush periods.

Provisional ballots - or those that have come under question - will not be available until two weeks after the election, when the procedure for addressing them is completed, Wyckoff said.

When VBMs arrive in the Elections Office, the signature on each envelope is checked to make sure that the person who signed the envelope is the same person who is registered.

"I think we should really look hard and not be distracted by our national federal politics right now and look at who's going to make the most sense for CT", he said.

I am logged as a vote-by-mail voter but misplaced my ballot: Contact your county clerk election office. They reported 16 percent of registered voters had cast their ballot, up from 12 percent in the last gubernatorial election year of 2014.

There were 1,536 early ballots cast in Hancock County as of a report done at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. But you will need to provide ID later for your vote to be counted.

"You can have your utility bill through email, if you're able to pull it up through your smart phone, you can show that to them as your proof of residency", he added.

Early voting season ended Saturday in West Virginia, with Northern Panhandle counties posting strong turnout numbers.

The U.S. Department of Justice is sending federal election monitors to 35 communities across the country, including Tarrant County, to make sure voting rights are upheld. "Workers believe the 94 voters in the first hour is a record for the precinct". This was more than triple the early votes in May. As of last week, 737,157 absentee ballots were cast - 560,111 by mail and 177,046 in person at designated early voting centers. "I don't think you can bet one way or another at this point".

There is also a contested vacancy in the District 18 Lake County Board seat that has been held by Aaron Lawlor of Vernon Hills, the County Board chairman who announced he was not seeking re-election earlier this year after receiving treatment for an addiction problem. Since the location can change from election to election, it's best to check ahead of time.

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