Indonesia Lion Air flight crash

Indonesia Lion Air flight crash

Indonesia Lion Air flight crash

Boeing has issued a safety message to pilots on how to handle erroneous data from a key sensor on its 737 MAX aircraft in the wake of last week's deadly Lion Air crash in Indonesia.

That included three flights that landed safely, as well as the deadly crash on October 29, when flight JT610 crashed minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia, with 189 people on board.

A USA aviation regulator plans to mandate that airlines follow an advisory issued by Boeing Co.

One of the critical ways a plane determines if a stall is imminent is a measurement known as angle of attack, which senses the angle at which the wind is passing over the wings.

It did not give more details and did not speculate on how the indicator problem may have played a role in the crash, as it continues to mine the flight recorder - seen as key to answering why a almost brand new plane fell out of the sky. The NTSB, which conducts accident investigations and is assisting Indonesia in the probe, didn't respond to a request for comment.

The US Federal Aviation Administration issued an order to domestic carriers to follow the new instructions on dealing with the erroneous sensor alert in 737-8 and -9 airplanes.

"If the nose is trimmed down on an aircraft, it becomes hard for the crew to hold it", a source briefed on Boeing's OMB told the paper. The plane went into a sudden dive minutes after takeoff, which the pilots were able to recover from.

"When there was a problem, the pilot would write it down and the mechanic would do (a repair).Then the plane would be declared airworthy".

On Tuesday, Boeing issued a bulletin to all airlines and pilots who operate the 737 MAX. If the angle is too high as a plane climbs, that would cause a stall.

"The aircraft and pilot are grounded for investigation objective", said Pramintohadi in a written statement on Wednesday, November 7.

At a news conference charged with emotion, relatives addressed questions to Indonesian officials including transport minister Budi Karya Sumadi and the head of the country's transportation safety committee (KNKT).

The jet reported a discrepancy in its angle of attack sensor during a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before it crashed.

A week after the disaster, there is still no answer as to what caused the crash.

Boeing said the action was taken after the Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee indicated that the Lion Air jet experienced erroneous input from one of those sensors.

A faulty airspeed instrument was a factor in the loss of Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Brazil to Paris in 2009.

Meanwhile, the plane's other black box, the flight data recorder, was located Thursday, and investigators said it showed Flight 610 had performed 19 flights - including its final flight.

Wednesday night's incident involving Indonesian low- cost airline Lion Air comes as the authorities extend search efforts till Saturday for victims' bodies and a second black box from the downed Flight JT610.

An overview of the 737 MAX flight manual revision being issued by the FAA. One of the pilots had trimmed the plane to push the nose down while trying to climb after aborting a landing, the report said.

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