Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation - special counsel

Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation - special counsel

Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation - special counsel

In a court filing on Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller declared that President Donald Trump's former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort has violated his plea deal with federal prosecutors by lying multiple times to the FBI.

The FBI claims that lobbyist and political consultant Paul Manafort lied to the government "on a variety of subject matters".

Manafort said in the same filing that he disagreed with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's assertion that he had lied, but both sides agreed the impasse meant that the court should move ahead and sentence him for his crimes.

The longtime Republican operative has yet to be sentenced on fraud charges after a jury in August convicted him of eight felony counts of filing false tax returns, failing to report foreign bank accounts and bank fraud.

What's more, earlier Monday, President Trump just happened to lash out about Mueller's forthcoming final Russian Federation report. Prosecutors said they will file a report that "sets forth the nature of the defendant's crimes and lies".

Manafort, 69, now faces a stiff prison sentence as the result of his August conviction in Virginia and for his guilty plea in a separate Washington, DC, case where he pledged to help prosecutors. It goes on to say that Mueller's team will ask a judge to sentence Manafort for lying to the special counsel. Large-scale criminal conspiracy investigations are often built around prosecutors' ability to turn criminals into cooperators, who guide them to other, more significant targets or testify against their former colleagues in court.

"The consequences are potentially devastating for Manafort", said Washington attorney Shanlon Wu, who represented Manafort's ex-business associate Rick Gates before he pleaded guilty and became a star witness for prosecutors.

What exactly this has to do with Mueller's investigation of alleged President Donald Trump's "Russian collusion" has not yet exactly been made clear, considering that the charges against Manafort have no connection to the 2016 election, deal with Ukraine and not Russia, and the fact that even within the scope of Manafort's lobbying efforts he pushed for a pro-EU and pro-NATO agenda. "The president has opined on Twitter that he thinks Manafort has been treated unfairly, and he has pardoned others - including Sheriff Joe Arpaio - who he thinks have also been treated unfairly", CNN legal analyst and attorney Ross Garber explained. "If you do the reporting, I think what you're starting to see is a belief that he is not only cornered, but that national security is in real danger because of the way he is acting", he said.

Mr Trump denies any campaign collusion and calls the investigation a political witch hunt.

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