An Andrew Gillum Recount Could Be In The Works

An Andrew Gillum Recount Could Be In The Works

An Andrew Gillum Recount Could Be In The Works

The governor's race in Florida is a key one to watch on election night. Bill Nelson in his Senate race against Gov. Rick Scott. In the last week, Trump held two campaign rallies in the Republican strongholds of northwest and southwest Florida, which played a key role in spiking GOP turnout in an already nationalized state election and lifting Ron DeSantis to victory.

The Florida race in particular appeared to be coming down to the wire.

Part of the reason Gillum, who consistently led in polls, lost is that only two weeks before the midterm election, news broke that he had accepted tickets to see the Broadway play Hamilton from an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent posing as a real-estate developer.

In Georgia, Abrams, 44, was locked in a tight battle with Republican Brian Kemp, the state's secretary of state. These new voters leaned toward the Democratic candidates for both statewide offices by a almost two to one margin.

Both campaigns drew national attention. Gillum, the current mayor of Tallahassee, has 50 percent of support among likely voters, versus 46 percent for his GOP rival.

"That race was swung by Donald Trump to DeSantis, who's now behind". They deny the charges.

After his concession speech, supporters hugged one another. "We didn't win this transaction", he told his supporters.

Gillum had pulled off an upset in the Democratic primary, winning the nomination after consistently polling in third for most of that race, but he was unable to carry that same momentum into the general election. Governing is about getting things done on behalf of the people of Florida, keeping our economy going, improving our water quality and environment, promoting public safety and expanding educational opportunities.

The Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives, whilst Republicans have retained their grasp on the Senate. In some states, a governor's power to sign or veto congressional maps could decide the partisan balance.

Jennifer Duffy, who analyzes governors' races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, expected Democrats to wrest between six and eight governorships away from Republicans, who are defending a large number of open seats in battleground states.

Florida Democrats believed 2018 would be different.

Voters in Florida have a rare clear choice between a rock-solid conservative and a democratic socialist for governor.

"It seems like we're living up to our history", said Bob Poe, who was Florida's Democratic Party chairman during the 2000 presidential recount. A CNN exit poll suggests Gillum earned 86 percent of the African-American vote, well shy of the more than 90 percent that Democrats assumed when they nominated a black candidate.

Broward election officials said repeatedly throughout the day that they didn't know how many mail-in ballots were still being counted. He won with 49.9 percent of the vote.

Democrats have cast more than 2.1 million ballots.

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