Amazon may split HQ2 between two cities, WSJ reports

Amazon may split HQ2 between two cities, WSJ reports

Amazon may split HQ2 between two cities, WSJ reports

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday afternoon, quoting a source, that Amazon will split its second headquarters between two cities.

The company's director of economic development had a sharp rebuke after reports over the weekend said the retailer is planning to build the second headquarters in Crystal City, Va. This plan will split employees between the two headquarters at 25,000 each.

Instead, the company has reportedly chose to split up its massive second command post into two separate locations-with one half of HQ2 now very likely to land in our city. In early 2018, it released its list of 20 finalists.

The Crystal City location would put Amazon just outside Washington, D.C. Betting websites are picking Northern Virginia as the victor.

And now it ends up Amazon may decide on creating an HQ2 and HQ3.

Amazon appears to be closing in on a location for its East Coast headquarters. Amazon's requirements included a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people, close access to an global airport, and "a stable and business-friendly environment" offering "urban or suburban locations with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent".

The Journal reported that the surprise decision is "driven by the need to recruit enough tech talent and to support Amazon's growth".

Bob Swindell, head of the Greater South Florida Chamber in Broward, said he would not comment on new reports because, "We want to remain on great terms with them by adhering to our agreement as they navigate through their site selection process", he said.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt until Amazon makes its official announcement.

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