Utah track athlete shot, killed by sex offender ex after breakup: Cops

Utah track athlete shot, killed by sex offender ex after breakup: Cops

Utah track athlete shot, killed by sex offender ex after breakup: Cops

The Utah football program will be honoring Lauren McCluskey, a track and field student-athlete at the university who was murdered earlier this week on Monday, October 22. The university's website posted information about a vigil on campus set for Wednesday night.

Lauren had dated Rowland for about a month, according to her family, but ended the relationship on October 9 as soon as she discovered he had lied to her about his identity, using a fake name to hide his criminal past - a storyline that horrified Rowland's previous victim. He said McCluskey met Rowland at a bar where he was working security and started dating him.

Police knew Rowland was a sex offender but not that he was on parole, Brophy said.

"Last night a little before 9 p.m., she was returning to her university apartment from her night class and talking to me on the phone", the statement said.

A recording of a past parole hearing reveals that a sex offender who killed a University of Utah student he briefly dated said he was a womanizer who manipulated women to get what he wanted.

In this April 8, 2016 photo, provided by the University of Utah, Utah;s Lauren McCluskey competes during the Utah Track and Field Spring Classic in Salt Lake City. Lauren McCluskey ended the relationship on October 9 after a friend told her about Rowland's criminal history.

McCluskey then requested assistance from university police to get her vehicle back from Rowland, who lied to her about his name, age and criminal history, her relatives told the station. "We have university counselors and psychologists on standby to support Lauren's teammates, coaches and friends".

"In a few minutes, a young woman picked up the phone and said all of Lauren's things were on the ground", she wrote.

Classes have been cancelled at the University on Tuesday. He always had high hopes when he brought a new athlete to campus, he said, "and she did everything you hope a student athlete will do". The shooter, a 37-year old man named Melvin Rowland, was also found dead in a church outside the campus.

Rowland pleaded guilty to enticing a minor over the internet and attempted forcible sex abuse in an agreement with prosecutors, records show.

The victim's mother, Jill McCluskey, said her daughter had filed a harassment complaint after breaking up with 37-year-old Melvin Rowland.

Dean of Students Lori McDonald said this week has been especially painful because this time a year ago another student was shot and killed on campus during an attempted carjacking, but for the vigil, she hoped to simply create a safe space to mourn and allow the healing process to begin. When she returned to her dorm, Rowland attacked McCluskey in the parking lot while she was on the phone with her mother and dragged her to the auto, where he shot her several times, the chief said.

University of Utah President Ruth Watkins said two independent investigations will review the school's campus safety efforts, and the police department's handling of McCluskey's initial complaints.

It wasn't until later that her parents would learn their daughter had been shot and killed on campus about 9 p.m.

McCluskey, 21, a senior in communications and a student athlete on the U of U's women's track team, was remembered as a dedicated athlete, good friend, a diligent scholar, a woman of faith, and someone who gave her limited free time to volunteer in the community, specifically at a retirement home.

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