The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

The senator told the Associated Press that the local response has been "overwhelmingly positive", claiming, "Many people have thanked me for my vote and have said that they were very pleased that I did the right thing".

President Donald Trump, who now has won Senate approval for two appointments to the court, said on Twitter, "I applaud and congratulate the U.S. Senate for confirming our GREAT NOMINEE, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the United States Supreme Court". Instead, she told Pelley, she found the opposite: No one beyond Ford had a recollection of the night in question.

"As far as Susan Rice is concerned, her family has a home in ME, but she doesn't live in the state of Maine". But she said there was no corroborating evidence, and indeed those Ms. Blasey Ford said were witness to the party where she said she was assaulted have all refuted her.

The Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Kavanaugh, following another political saga that gripped the nation.

Collins said confidently that she is not concerned - and admitted she "could not vote for a judge who had demonstrated hostility to Roe v. Wade" - adding that it would 'indicate a lack of respect for precedent'.

USA Today reported back then: "Kavanaugh's opponents have identified Collins, along with Alaska Sen".

'These uncorroborated accusations have been unequivocally and repeatedly rejected by Judge Kavanaugh, and neither the Judiciary Committee nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation could locate any third parties who can attest to any of the allegations, ' Grassley said.

Ingraham asked McConnell about a vague tweet from former Obama administration official Susan Rice, in which she appeared to threaten to run against Collins in her next reelection bid.

She said Kavanaugh is the first of six Supreme Court nominees who expressed the importance of precedent.

"She had an opportunity to make history", said Maine Democrat Rosa Scarcelli, a businesswoman who previously ran for governor and is among Collins' many potential challengers. "She didn't stop", Trump said.

Collins gave the White House a reason to be optimistic when she told CNN she found it to be a 'very thorough investigation'.

Steve Nason, 44, said he had always questioned Ms. Collins' claims to be a moderate but that her speech impressed him with its thoroughness and thoughtfulness. "The last 20 so years I've been a home owner in the state of Maine, so it's not completely insane", she said. "That's what I did in this case", she said.

Sweet said a big factor would be whether Collins, 65, decides to run at all.

"[Witnesses who were interviewed] all said they have no recollection".

Collins and her staff have said the aggressive tactics to sway her vote are a wasted effort.

"It would be pretty awesome to have a senator from ME who was a woman of color", said the 55-year-old university policy analyst.

Now, Halsted said, Collins' constituents are "ready to support a senator from Maine who is going to stand up for Mainers and do what's right for the country, regardless of political party-and I think people realize Susan Collins is not that senator".

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