Pollsters Have Some Devastating News For Senate Democrats

Pollsters Have Some Devastating News For Senate Democrats

Pollsters Have Some Devastating News For Senate Democrats

A GOP gain of two or three Senate seats this cycle will make it very hard for Democrats to win the Senate in 2020, when two vulnerable Democratic Senate seats are up - in Alabama and New Hampshire - and four vulnerable GOP seats are up - in Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina.

Democrats counter that the Kavanaugh fallout has enraged many women voters upset with the way the Senate confirmation battle turned out, likely increasing Democratic turnout in November and threatening Republican control of the House of Representatives.

Another Republican who believes the landscape is improving for his party agrees that the House will flip because there are simply too many strong, well-funded Democratic challengers in upscale districts. McConnell has all the leverage in the fight ― only two of his members are considered vulnerable this cycle, while Democrats count a half-dozen senators, most of whom wanted to go home and defend their seats.

Brett Kavanagh of Louisville, Kentucky, shares the same name as the new Supreme Court Justice but not the same spelling.

It is also a boon for senators seeking re-election, especially those 10 Democrats running in states won by Trump in 2016, because they will be free finally to leave DC and focus more fully for the next month on their campaigns. "Maybe", Trump resolved, pointing to a shared interest between Republicans and Democrats in getting an infrastructure deal done. Moreover, the nominees the Senate confirmed on Thursday likely all would have gotten through even if Democrats objected and forced McConnell to stay in session through the end of the month.

Democrats need a gain of 23 seats to retake the House and a net pickup of two seats to reclaim a majority in the Senate.

To make matters worse for Democrats, Republicans continue to threaten Democratic incumbents in four other states with Senate races - Missouri, Indiana, Florida and Montana.

CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic said Brett Kavanaugh would be "changing the law of the land" for the next 20 years as the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

"I'd be foolish and dishonest if I didn't say this is a year where we've got more obstacles", he said.

"When they go low, we kick them", former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. says after a clip of a pro-life protester is kicked in the face by an abortion activist. "Right now, we do not have those votes and I think they understand that".

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