Pentagon to send ‘several hundred’ troops to US-Mexico border

Pentagon to send ‘several hundred’ troops to US-Mexico border

Pentagon to send ‘several hundred’ troops to US-Mexico border

Mexican federal police have been stopping some minibuses and removing people from the caravan of Central American migrants, even though they had paid fares.

Questioned repeatedly about the claim on Tuesday, Trump conceded that "there's no proof of anything" but that terrorists "could very well be" among the group.

In comments delivered from the podium at the State Department, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted that "the migrant caravan is violating Mexico's sovereignty".

This process however, has been sharply criticised by advocates, who accuse officials of illegally trying to block immigrants from claiming asylum.

A senior administration official called the surge a "crisis".

He told reporters Tuesday that the U.S. Border Patrol has "intercepted many people from the Middle East" over the course of the year.

The Mexican government initially warned people coming into Mexico illegally, mostly from Honduras, that they would be detained and deported. Pence said on Tuesday that the group was "financed by Venezuela", without providing evidence.

It is not new territory for Trump, who promised before the 2016 presidential election to build a wall along the southern border between USA and Mexico.

The caravan had stormed through a series of border barriers Friday and flooded onto the bridge, but hundreds of Mexican riot police blocked their passage. Many said they were sick or exhausted, especially the children who toddled or were carried along on the march.

Acosta again asked, "Are they in the caravan?"

Late Monday, Mexico allowed another group of about 400 migrants to enter the country after they spent days packed onto a bridge over the Suchiate River, which forms Mexico's southern border with Guatemala.

Officials are weighing the legality of certain steps the Trump administration could take and looking at whether any processes could be changed to speed up the removal of migrants who have no legal basis to remain in the U.S., according to a senior Department of Homeland Security official.

Even if they eventually reach the distant USA border, many have low odds of qualifying for asylum: The United States does not consider things like fleeing from poverty or gang violence as a qualifying factor.

Mexican authorities have tried to walk a fine line between responding to Trump's demands to close its borders and respecting migrants' rights. Apprehensions at the southwest border sometimes exceeded 1 million a year under President George W. Bush.

A volunteer greets a group of parents and children from Central America after they arrive at a temporary migrant shelter in El Paso last week. The timing of the announcement is consistent with the border patrol's past practices.

An illegal alien can claim asylum whether they crossed at a legal port of entry or illegally at any other point along the border. In September, 16,658 people were caught crossing with at least one other relative, up from just under 13,000 in August and 4,200 in September 2017.

She says she plans to head for the United States, but will linger in Mexico to see how US President Donald Trump's immigration policies play out.

"In fact, over the past two years, Trump and his immigration adviser Stephen Miller made sure to blow up every serious effort to enact bipartisan immigration legislation". Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to the migrants.

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