Nintendo Switch Online has already been hacked to add new NES games

Nintendo Switch Online has already been hacked to add new NES games

Nintendo Switch Online has already been hacked to add new NES games

If the secondary user is playing when they are "booted" by the primary, then their game will be paused, and you will be able to access it from wherever you left off when the primary user has ended their play session.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers at the 12-Month or Family levels will also receive a download code that can be exchanged for exclusive in-game Splatoon 2 gear based on the jerseys worn by GG BoyZ, the winning team at the 2018 Splatoon 2 World Championship.

"The website reads, "[NES] games can be played offline for up to 7 days as long as you have an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership". You can only have one primary console at a time, and when you add your Nintendo Account to other consoles, they won't be activated as your primary one unless you've already deactivated your main Switch.

Fans of classic Nintendo games are swarming to the service to relive childhood memories of games like Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Tecmo Bowl, Mario games and The Legend of Zelda, among many more.

An Internet connection is still required to use online features or games which require a subscription service. A seven-day free trial is also available from Nintendo eShop. Games planned for October include NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon's Key and Super Dodge Ball. Friends can even watch each other play single-player games online, and virtually "pass the controller" at any time.

Nintendo will add additional classic NES games at no extra charge. Compared to Xbox Live and PS Plus, Nintendo Switch online offers little incentive to pay up for Switch owners who don't enjoy online multiplayer.

If you have any further questions, be sure to check out our guide on everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch Online. According to recent reports by hackers, both emulators work in a very similar way, which makes it possible for people to add their own NES games to the Switch Online's library. The game will supposedly operate through the Nintendo Switch Online database and will see a release later this year.

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