Melania Trump Says #MeToo Accusers ‘Need to Have Really Hard Evidence’

Melania Trump Says #MeToo Accusers ‘Need to Have Really Hard Evidence’

Melania Trump Says #MeToo Accusers ‘Need to Have Really Hard Evidence’

I can't help but wonder what kind of hate speech her supporters might unleash on me for asking a few pointed questions.

In the taped interview, Trump also told ABC News that there are still people working in the Trump administration that President Donald Trump can not trust.

Trump is visiting Africa on her first big solo worldwide trip.

"I think when I try to give Melania so much leg room, I just don't understand the fashion choices", said McCain.

Many people have connected her "hard evidence" comment to the audio recording of the president, as well as her position in the birther movement that questioned former President Barack Obama's US citizenship despite clear evidence that he was born in the country.

Melania Trump isn't just an anti-bullying advocate, she says she's a victim, as well.

"You can not just say to somebody, "I was sexually assaulted, ' or, 'You did that to me".

Many are pointing out how her predecessor, Michelle Obama, was subject to plenty of racist remarks during her time in office and we didn't hear a peep from her.

In her first TV interview, set to air in its entirety on Friday, first lady Melania Trump discusses her role in the White House and the #MeToo movement. Some of them apparently no longer work in the West Wing.

She says, "We need to educate the children of social-emotional behavior, so when they grow up, they know how to deal with those issues". During her visit to Kenya, Trump made time for an exclusive sit-down interview with ABC News' Tom Llamas, who wasted no time in pinning down her views.

She then softened her comment to say she is "one of" the most bullied. Looking through Twitter, you can always find people mocking Melania for her accent or modeling career, and some of that could very well be called bullying. It doesn't bother me if they write about me because I know who I am. "They don't bring people around that can say, 'This is not the right thing to do'". Llamas labeled the initiative "interesting" in a voiceover package, though not directly to the first lady.

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