Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Vents Frustration Over Cancelation On Twitter

Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Vents Frustration Over Cancelation On Twitter

Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Vents Frustration Over Cancelation On Twitter

Given the positive reaction to Daredevil, it's also likely that it too will return for another season, especially since the ending left us all with a tease of things to come by leaving (SPOILER!) Benjamin Poindexter on the operating table, undergoing a very important procedure.

According to Deadline, creative differences is what led to the cancellation.

With mounting, behind-the-scenes tensions between Marvel and Netflix, a cancellation seemed like the only option in the end.

Coincidentally, the initial "Luke Cage" season two trailer features Rakim's "I Ain't No Joke" classic.

Luke Cage saw the steepest decline in social media buzz, managing more than 300K mentions ahead of its release of the first season. However, the drop was not almost as stark as the one seen in Iron Fist or Luke Cage, with Jessica Jones Season 1 bagging a post volume of just under 300,000 and Season 2 coming in at just under 150,000. I am forever grateful to Marvel and Netflix for letting me portray such a prolific character.

Many fans of the show took to Twitter to discuss the cancellation.

Of course, this means that Season 2 of The Defenders definitely won't be happening.

"I think in order to avoid being a broken record, we're going to have to find a Matt Murdock that at least initially has a slightly different attitude toward the people that he loves, and toward himself, and toward God", he said.

But is there more to the story? Marvel fan-favorites like Loki and Scarlet Witch have their own individual series in the works for Disney's still unnamed streaming service.

"So wait... First they cancel Iron Fist after a massive improvement".

Though the Marvel-Netflix show "Daredevil" just returned for its third season, some fans are anxious about what this means for the rest of "The Defenders" characters - Jessica Jones and Daredevil - now that Iron First and Luke Cage are done. Spider-Man defends Queens, for example, while Luke Cage looks over Harlem, and Daredevil primarily operates in Hell's Kitchen. I swear to God, we'd better hear something about a Heroes for Hire series like, YESTERDAY.

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