Lindsay Lohan's shocking Instagram live post has people furious

Lindsay Lohan's shocking Instagram live post has people furious

Lindsay Lohan's shocking Instagram live post has people furious

The run-in with the family began innocently enough on Friday evening, with the actress hopping out of a auto - it's unclear if she's in Paris or Moscow, as some have said - and telling her viewers about the family. She says they're Syrian refugees who need help. She speaks to them in what sounds like Arabic with an apparent Arabic accent.

"I won't leave until I take you".

When Lohan tried to grab one of the children, and said "give me your hand", she was punched in the face by a woman who appears to be the child's mother, reported.

The videos posted prior to this one show Lohan on the streets of Moscow, so it appears that this video has also been filmed there. "I won't leave until I take you", Lohan says while trailing the family, peppering the conversation with Arabic and Russian words. Let's go. You're gonna be the boss from now on. "It would be so cool to watch a movie on a TV or a computer". It doesn't matter if you're the number one fan of someone, seeing them behave like this is inexcusable, as is cheering them on.

After pressuring them to go with her for around six minutes, the family get up and start walking away. Tell me your story so I can help you. Speaking to the kid Lohan said, "Do you wanna stay in the hotel tonight? I'm a good person but this really, this is not right". But after Friday's video, they are now concerned and her longtime publicist, Hunter Frederick, is going to check on her in Paris.

"Look what's happening, they're trafficking children ..." She invited the children to her hotel and fell over the mother, saying she "should not have them on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you can for your children, so they have a better life". Lohan was seen in the end of the video crying, saying she was only trying to save the Syrian children.

Lohan's representatives have yet to respond to the live stream, which was swiftly taken down in the early hours of the morning. Lohan asks the boys if they are excited and tells them to put their shoes on, as they are barefoot.

"Thomas Lennon, the author of Herbie: "Fully Loaded, which starred the controversial actress, stated that "[he was] responsible for only the second weirdest piece Lindsay Lohan footage to date".

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