Early Voters In Miami-Dade Camp Overnight To Be First In Line

Early Voters In Miami-Dade Camp Overnight To Be First In Line

Early Voters In Miami-Dade Camp Overnight To Be First In Line

Early voting opened across Texas on Monday, bringing long lines and record first-day midterm turnout in Houston and complaints about outdated technology slowing people casting ballots elsewhere.

Inman and Haley said there's no recourse for the voters who already cast a ballot without the name, and that voters need to tell election officials if something is missing or wrong on the ballot.

According to the Hot Springs Sentinel Record, the county's main early voting site was only paused for roughly half an hour before the Inman-lacking ballot was corrected there.

So far in Dallas County, 6.12 percent of registered voters have fulfilled their civic duty either in person or by mail.

Smaller counties also saw big turnout.

Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Monday that she will be activating her Voter Protection Task Force to ensure early voting sites remain free of any impropriety or illegal activity. It will not be available on election day. "Most of the time it was extending down the hallway".

Voter turnout in North Texas continues to blow past any previous midterm election. But she said the process was relatively smooth once she got inside, with more county election workers than usual to manage high turnout in a heavily Democratic area.

Campaign spokespeople for Republican Congressman Dave Brat as well as his Democratic challenger Abigail Spanberger, both said they've emphasized the option to eligible voters.

"We see so much anger or enthusiasm about candidates in much higher numbers than we've ever seen", Cross said.

People who want to know the details on how to discharge their civic duty early can go to massearlyvote.com to find out polling place locations and schedules for their communities, she said.

While increased early voting in a state that's been ranked at or near the bottom in turnout for more than a decade has to be viewed as a positive thing, trying to extrapolate anything of outcome from limited early voting numbers is a fool's errand.

By Saturday, early voting will be open in all 67 Florida counties.

"Putting it on your calendar, saying, 'Here, I'm going to vote.' Go to our website, get your sample ballot". O'Rourke briefly ducked into the tent and spoke with the supporters. In the 2016 election, 7 percent of Colorado voters used voter centers. Other states that changed significantly for the better during that timeframe were West Virginia, California, Louisiana, and CT.

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