Apple’s iOS 12.1 Drops Today, Includes Group FaceTime & New Emoji

Apple’s iOS 12.1 Drops Today, Includes Group FaceTime & New Emoji

Apple’s iOS 12.1 Drops Today, Includes Group FaceTime & New Emoji

As was discussed earlier, Apple will soon seed its latest iPhones with Dual-SIM functionality which will be possible through support for the miniature eSIM slot.

Now that's not to say iOS 12 is a completely boring upgrade. New emoji will also be available on Apple Watch and Mac with a free software update. The user then tried to restart the Apple Watch and iPhone as well, but ended up with the same result, showing a white Apple logo.

Some users are claiming this issue may be related to those running iOS 12.1 beta on their iPhone.

More than the added number of simultaneous connections though, iOS 12.1 can also automatically detect the most active speakers. Originally introduced at WWDC this past June, the feature didn't ship with the first incarnation of iOS 12.

Once you've updated, you'll find some new features to play with.

The latest update will also allow users to FaceTime up to 32 people at once.

And it sizes each person's image depending on how active they are based on the duration of speech, motion and volume. Inactive callers will be placed on the bottom of the screen until they speak, said Apple. But you can also tap to bring that participant to the front and center.

Ringless notification: When calling more than one person, FaceTime displays a notification that lets you instantly join a call without being disruptive.

When initiating a new group call, the FaceTime app enables adding multiple contacts at once then choosing whether to start an audio or video call.

Encrypted end to end so your conversations remain private.

Essentially it means your iPhone can now support Depth Control, Dual SIM Support, Group FaceTime and 70 new emoji. Some specific additions to look forward to include a kangaroo, a mango, and a newly designed bagel.

When Apple announced the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, the camera features were really talked up-especially the real-time depth of field control. Apple, however, doesn't even list Sprint as supporting the dual SIM iPhones just yet, and now the AT&T domino has fallen as well. Now, the users need to scan the QR code received from the carrier.

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