Apple expected to announce new iPad Pro without home button

Apple expected to announce new iPad Pro without home button

Apple expected to announce new iPad Pro without home button

Apple's not so unexpected event on October 30th has sent some Android OEM scrambling to adjust their dates or even cancel. Here are all of the products that we think will be making an appearance. The company is set to launch the new Mac computers and iPad tablets on October 30 in Brooklyn, New York. AirPower, which has seen numerous delays (as recently as last month), was removed nearly entirely from Apple's website.

Additional rumors point to things like USB-C, although it's much more likely that Apple will just switch the other end of the charging cable that it comes with-instead of distributing Lightning to USB-A charging cables, they will probably switch to Lightning to USB-C and include one of their newer fast chargers.

The iMacs would likely boast a screen update of some kind (maybe standardizing on 4K or 5K, or incorporating HDR; the screens are already up there in pixel count), as well as an internals boost-I wouldn't expect anything major.

It nearly seems like Apple has forgotten about the iPad Mini, or is happy to let the product die as it pushes the iPad towards being a more powerful computer replacement.

But with a FaceID, Apple is looking to remove the home button and fetching a higher screen-to-body ratio with thinner bezels. Like previous iPad Pro models, it will come with a quad speaker setup. The Mac Mini is expected to either be dropped from sale or updated with new chips similar to the MacBook Air.

With the main holiday shopping season rolling around, it would be the flawless time for Apple to introduce some new models, although aside from the internals we're not expecting all that much to change - the design and the starting prices (currently £1,249/$1,299 are likely to remain consistent). One is a new entry-level MacBook, this time believed to be a 13-inch replacement to the MacBook Air or a larger member of the 12-inch MacBook line. Remember, the Mac Mini in its current form looks more like an Apple TV. While the tablet market is contracting overall, the iPad has been slowly regaining momentum thanks to new software and lower-priced models, but also because competitors like and Samsung Electronics haven't wowed the market lately.

With that in mind, look for components that are upgraded but definitely not top of the range. Thats also the reason the rounded bezels are so thick compared to what we have seen before. A sharper Retina display is likely to be included in any design overhaul.

One of the clues to a new iMac is a filing with the European regulatory agency that backs up some of the other rumours we've mentioned here. This would see the new machine replicating the Face ID system used by iPhone X and iPhone Xs smartphones.

Apple's smallest desktop computer, the Mac Mini, has not seen an update since 2014 and is still sold with fourth-generation Intel Core chips.

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