The Eagles confirm they trolled Tom Brady with Philly Special 2.0

The Eagles confirm they trolled Tom Brady with Philly Special 2.0

The Eagles confirm they trolled Tom Brady with Philly Special 2.0

Kaepernick, 30, has not played since the 2016 season and filed a grievance last October against NFL owners for collusion, claiming they schemed to keep him off the football field because of his protests, not his football playing ability.

But if you needed confirmation, the Eagles provided all of it. "I'm just focused on what I want to do, and be a great football player for this team and be a good example in the locker room, provide great leadership".

It was reminiscent of the Philly Special they ran in the Super Bowl, when Foles caught a touchdown pass from tight end Trey Burton. "We were on the correct hash mark and it was the right time of the game".

With only Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett taking to the bench in protest during the national anthem, when things finally did kick off on NBC just after 9 PM ET, it certainly didn't seem to be the most inspiring game. "When you have to make the plays, you either make them or you don't".

The protests have landed the league squarely in the middle of America's simmering culture wars, drawing the ire of US president Donald Trump - who called on owners to fire players who protested the anthem.

First was the odd decision not to have the team's best player, Julio Jones, on the field during the first failed red-zone trip. Foles caught his pass to pick up a first down, the Eagles finished the drive with a touchdown to take the lead over the Falcons, they hung on for an ugly win, and then they took their shot at Brady.

"It was the same play the Patriots used - the one that Tom dropped", he said after the game.

"On the fourth-down play I thought we got beat at the point of attack, on the first try in our goal-line play on fourth-down-and-1", Quinn said.

Jones couldn't come down with Ryan's pass from the 2 in the right corner of the end zone in Atlanta's 15-10 loss in the divisional round in January.

"Nobody was in. We were in goal line", Jones said of the personnel on the field for the first scoring opportunity.

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