Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Almost 25 years after releasing the original, Sony revealed it's bringing back its PlayStation One console -- and fans are ecstatic.

Sony's PlayStation raised the bar for home console systems when it hit shelves in 1994, selling 100 million units worldwide. The console itself features HDMI output, a USB power port, a reset button to suspend games, a power button, and an open disc tray button to change the virtual disc, all like the original PS1 had.

The PlayStation Classic releases on 3 December, exactly 24 years to the day from the PlayStation's Japanese debut.

It's the same shtick as the NES and SNES mini lot from Nintendo, but this time it's PSX games.

Above all, though, the PlayStation Classic desperately needs a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game.

Move over, SNES Classic, retro console releases are moving into the 16-bit era of video gaming.

The controllers are full-size replicas of the PS1's original gamepads, not the later DualShock ones, and so don't include analog sticks or vibration.

If you thought that Sony will just sit idly by and watch Nintendo sell new versions of old consoles that are quite popular with the crowds, then think again.

The tiny grey slab comes pre-loaded with 20 games. including the iconic Final Fantasy VII and definitive 3D beat 'em up Tekken 3. Though it won't be here until December, it's gone up for pre-order today from a number of different retailers.

The RRP for the console will be €99.99 while the United Kingdom version will be priced at £89.99. Considering how notoriously hard it was (and in some cases, still is) to find an NES Classic or SNES Classic, some fans may want to get the jump on pre-ordering the PlayStation Classic as soon as possible.

Two controllers will be bundled with the retro console, which will be retailing for $99.99 in the USA, 99.99 euros in Europe, and 9,980 yen in Japan.

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