Some of The Best Third-Party Apps Using Siri Shortcuts

Some of The Best Third-Party Apps Using Siri Shortcuts

Some of The Best Third-Party Apps Using Siri Shortcuts

The new Shortcuts app allows iOS users to create and setup custom shortcuts to make life easier, with support for Apple's built-in apps and third-party apps which have been updated to support the new app.

If you need your phone during the day, there's also the option to Install Tonight, which will do exactly that-install iOS 12 while you sleep, provided your device is plugged in.

Opening the camera from your lock screen is up to 70% faster, the keyboard opens up to 50% faster, up to 2x faster Share sheet display under load, and up to 2x faster app launches under heavy workloads, combined with smoother animations throughout the OS.

Apple is still going all-in on augmented reality, and iOS 12 pushes things forward with more precise face tracking, better 3D object recognition, and AR integrations in apps.

One new feature is Siri Shortcuts for iOS apps, through which Apple's virtual assistant now supports routines consisting on multiple actions. Additionally, each app scored a handful of new features and improvements, many of which are available across all three apps, while others are app-specific, such as animated drawings in Pages and Smart Categories in Numbers. The company has also rolled out new Animoji characters like T.rex, ghost, koala and tiger.

Here's how to use my favorite new hidden feature in iOS 12, which was released on Monday.

IOS 12 is free to download, and it's now available on all eligible devices over-the-air, by entering the "Settings" tab on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

tvOS 12 is out for the 4th gen and 4K Apple TV models. Apple iOS 12 users now have a dashboard where they can monitor how much time they have spent on their device and different applications.

You can also check if your iPhone or iPad is ready for the update by tapping Settings General Software Update.

At last week's iPhone launch, Apple gave the stage to Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives.

Apple's new mobile firmware is now available to download and here's the complete iOS 12 changelog for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The app won't always get a ideal measurement in every scenario.

Despite nothing that really wows people, iOS 12 received largely positive reviews.

Make sure you've backed up your iPhone or iPad before you download and install the update - otherwise you risk losing your data. That said, we can help you approximate how much time you should set aside when you decide to download and install iOS 12.

Productivity and note-taking app Evernote is also taking advantage.

Using Do Not Disturb to keep your phone quiet during a meeting or while you sleep is easy enough, right?

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