'SNL' has Matt Damon play an angry Brett Kavanaugh

'SNL' has Matt Damon play an angry Brett Kavanaugh

'SNL' has Matt Damon play an angry Brett Kavanaugh

The topic of beer weighed heavily into the epic open as alternately angry and weepy Kavanaugh was questioned by a cast of Senators and Rachel Mitchell, as played by Aidy Bryant.

Damon mastered Kavanaugh's blustering remarks, complete with tearful references to his high school calendar.

"First of all, I showed this speech to nearly no one, not my family, not my friends, not even P.J. or Tobin or Squee", Damon said, referring to Kavanaugh's high school friends who Christine Blasey Ford claims were present when Kavanaugh allegedly sexually groped her during a drunken party 36 years ago, when he was 17.

"I'm usually an optimist", Damon said as the nominee.

He did take it to 15 "real quick" as he shouted about the conspiracy attacking him and guzzled water. He even poked fun at Kavanaugh's opening statement, telling the audience how it was "a con job" orchestrated by people like Kathy McGiffin, the Clintons "Mr. Ronan Sinatra" and even "Alyssa Friggin Milano".

But the sketch belonged to Damon, who not only resembled Kavanaugh but got the sniffling down pat, as well as the judge's trademark mouth-pucker and eye squint.

"The monsters on this committee make me want to puke, and not from beer", he added. "And meanwhile, I've got these calendars. These handsome, creepy calendars", he added, citing pages that were published in the USA Today showing his schedule from 1982. "I don't know, did you?!". Lindsey Graham to her long line of characters.

Damon's Kavanugh then raged: "You think I'm angry, you're damn right I am". Ex-SNLer Rachel Dratch returned to play Sen Amy Klobuchar, recreating the dueling Do You Drink Beer? moment. "I was the proudest, drunkest virgin you've ever seen", declared Damon's Kavanaugh as he emotionally recounted his days lifting weights with his friends PJ, Squee, and "Donkey Dong Doug".

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