New Features Added to Google Search Engine

New Features Added to Google Search Engine

New Features Added to Google Search Engine

When did you do it?

Also during the interview, Gomes talked about what keeps him going after nearly two decades at the tech giant, which is celebrated its 20th year Thursday. It has an added feature called "Aspirations" that will search the training courses and internships related to your field for you.

In a blog post, Ben Gomes, VP, Search, News and Assistant, at Google said while nearly everything had changed about "technology and the information available to us, the core principles of Search have stayed the same".

It's all thanks to the vaunted Page Rank algorithm we've all heard about.

Another innovation will be the history on the type of Instagram that Google will give search results. The main objective of revamping the search engine is to assist its users while they conduct long-term queries that can not be answered by a solitary search. The changes will be rolled out on a gradual basis. This new version of search will be powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The Google Search page has changed a little over 20 years, but not much. There's a bit more around the edges, but it's still very nicely flat and doesn't distract from your main goal of searching.

Google has grown bigger over the years. In this case, there's a benefit-cool stuff!-and a cost: You have to be signed in to Google's services, which some people avoid for privacy's sake.

Google AdWords, as it became known, was launched in 2000 and soon turned Google into a highly profitable company. Google Images will get its new look on desktop computers starting this Thursday.

Google is an ever-changing entity when it comes to search. Be that as it may, it is updating search so you can explore search results as effortlessly as you would on social media. Lens also allows users to "draw" on part of an image to gather more search results.

Tapping on the "play" button on the doodle, leads to a YouTube video that shows popular searches over two decades across different languages, that includes Hindi.

After completely rebranding Google Feed, it's Google Images' turn to get a makeover. This enables them to surface information relevant to your interests even if you haven't searched for that topic.

First there's the new Activity Card, which appears as a thin strip above your results. Last month, Google rolled out job-search tools for military veterans. Google will also begin to show more context with images, including captions that display the title of the web page where each image is published-and they'll suggest related search terms for more guidance.

Additionally Google is enhancing topics for certain things you search for. Google, in fact, has had to face backlash from privacy pundits across the world, for how it goes about, or at least it tries to go about, meddling with search as and when necessary, allegedly propagating the new-age phenomena of fake news. They believed the name perfectly resembled their mission "to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".

Google's also taking more of an effort to highlight video content with a new "featured videos" card that will appear on some searches.

Additionally, did you know that Brin and Page had named Google, Backrub at the start of their venture?

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