Erdogan and United Nations warn of human catastrophe in Idlib

Erdogan and United Nations warn of human catastrophe in Idlib

Erdogan and United Nations warn of human catastrophe in Idlib

The talks led by Staffan de Mistura started and ended with little or no comment to reporters at the United Nations offices in Geneva, and offered a sideshow to the concerns about a looming battle for the northern province - the last remaining rebel stronghold in Syria after 7½ years of war and now home to some 3 million civilians.

"The tents were sent and are ready to be set up". Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall. Some of them have even changed home [already] more than twice, so they are all prepared for immediate evacuation in case of a military operation.

"We consider it unacceptable when the protection of the civilian population is used as a pretext for letting terrorists avoid a strike", said Russian President Vladmir Putin at a news conference in Tehran Friday.

"These are people who did not want to surrender or reconcile to the al-Assad Government and so they were corralled into Idlib Province."

"People are trying to settle wherever they can in the hope of being protected from the air strikes".

"When they did not comply, the shooting started on the auto", Abdel Rahman said.

Violence has displaced 30,000 people in Idlib and the adjacent province of Hama this month alone.

"President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged the global community to prevent a Syrian government offensive in Syria's Idlib, as the United Nations says it fears the century's "worst humanitarian catastrophe" there.

More than 3 million people live in the area, almost half of them already displaced from fighting elsewhere in Syria.

Separately, clashes broke out in eastern Syria in Qamishli, a town close to the border with Turkey, between government and Kurdish security members.

"We very actively preparing for the possibility that civilians move in huge numbers in multiple directions", Lowcock said.

More than half a million people have been killed and 11 million already forced to flee their homes in Syria's seven-year-old war.

Turkey, afraid of hundreds of thousands of new refugees will flow to its borders, already hosts over three million refugees.

But officials admit that the wall has left those stranded in Idlib with little prospect of escape.

Turkey massed tanks and commandos at its frontier and accelerated work to cope with a possible surge of refugees after Russian Federation refused to call off an offensive against the last rebel bastion in Syria. The area targeted over the past few days overlooks government-controlled areas.

"According to the data from the Idlib Governorate's residents, now the filming of a staged provocation of the alleged chemical weapons use by the Syrian army against the civilians is underway in Jisr ash-Shugur".

In the meantime, the Syrian Army dispatched more troops and equipment to the contact lines with Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) in a large region from Jam'iyat al-Zahra and al-Lairamoun industrial zone up to the small town of Kafr Hamra in Northwestern Aleppo and from al-Malah farms to the small towns of Haraytan, Hayan, Anadan and Bayanoun in Northern Aleppo.

Analysts advising Turkey's government say Ankara is attempting to convince militants to leave, but isn't getting assistance from other parties.

While Turkish and global NGOs and aid workers provide humanitarian aid to about 30,000 people in the camp, sending in more aid has proved impossible.

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