Big B On Tanushree’s #MeToo: Exactly What’s Wrong With Bollywood

Big B On Tanushree’s #MeToo: Exactly What’s Wrong With Bollywood

Big B On Tanushree’s #MeToo: Exactly What’s Wrong With Bollywood

Contacted by Mirror Now, the actor laughed when questioned about the allegations and asked, "What does she mean by sexual harassment? There were 50-100 people on set with me (at that time)..." He concluded by stating that they had conceded to her demands then and now that she has once again thrown these allegations, Nana can take legal recourse against her. Change can only happen when we are actively involved bringing about the change and that is what I have been doing and not because I wanted to be smarter and somebody who starts movements. I don't want them to work. She was shooting what was supposed to be her solo song (later performed by Rakhi Sawant) when Nana Patekar was on set.

Tanushree Dutta also roped in renowned choreographer Ganesh Acharya calling him a liar and a culprit of equal degree. She added that the producer and director were complicit in her harassment and did not heed her complaints about Nana Patekar. People with this kind of character speak like this against the kind of character that I have because they say she does glamorous roles so must be glamorous and all. Ganesh Acharya was the one who pressurised me to perform an intimate step.

So far, Bollywood has failed to respond to the accusations against Nana Patekar with anything like the condemnation with which Hollywood reacted to Harvey Weinstein. "Will anybody take advantage in front of 400 people", he said. The actor said she wants to spread a message through her story so that other women get encouraged to share their stories. "But if something has happened, it is always sad and people should investigate". She also alleged that Mr Patekar sent goons from the Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena or MNS after her when she rejected his advances. However, the account of a journalist, Janice Sequiera, who was on set to cover the behind the scenes of the song, confirmed that this happened. However, when she arrived on sets, she was told the shooting has been stalled because of Tanushree Dutta.

Meanwhile, two other Bollywood stars were asked about the controversy.

Amitabh Bachchan also reacted on the news and said, "Neither my name is Tanushree nor Nana Patekar".

However, Aamir Khan gave a very balanced reply and said, "Well, I think without knowing the veracity of something, or the details of something, I don't think I can comment on it".

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