Alleged iPhone 9 website leaks, reveals all colour variants

Alleged iPhone 9 website leaks, reveals all colour variants

Alleged iPhone 9 website leaks, reveals all colour variants

The logic behind this was that the letter comes before "XS", which are said to be the names of the new OLED iPhones.

It is also expected that the Dual-SIM variant of the iPhone will be China Exclusive and there is no information whether the Dual-SIM variant will be available in the other global market or not. This would be a lower-cost version of the iPhone X, which Bloomberg said "could be the hit of the product rollout".

The iPhone XR is going to come with a 6.1-inch LCD screen.

With Gazelle you don't need to send your iPhone in until October 19th, which is a good deal if you are thinking about waiting for the 6.1-inch iPhone that may arrive a little bit later or if you don't plan to get up at midnight to pre-order.

This means we're probably looking at up to £1,000 for the top of the range XS Plus and maybe £750 for the XS, judging by Apple's recent pricing strategy.

"He claims that the affordable iPhone Xc with LCD display will start at EUR799, or as much as the iPhone 8 started in Europe, while the 5.8" Xs will see its price shaved by a Benjamin compared to its predecessor. It will also use aluminium instead of stainless steel edges, and come in several additional colours. Apple has considered calling the phone the "iPhone Xr", one of the people said.

We'll know for certain when Apple release the full line-up for our online inspection and judgement this Wednesday. Well, it's this LCD model which is expected to come with dual SIM support, and, it's now unclear whether the OLED models will have it too or not.

Apple’s new iPhones could come with dual SIM support

Apple may also show off new AirPods, the wireless headphones stored in essentially a self-charging dental floss box.

With three apples in the image, what other meaning could be attributed to it if not three iPhone models? Some Apple Watch variants now ship with a composite back. Based on the latest set of leaks, the 6.1-inch iPhone recently got leaked via a couple of images showing it listed on the Apple site.

Experts believe these features will drive up the price of the new iPhone line. And, the device will target emerging markets this year.

We're also likely to see a revamped Apple Watch.


Apart from adopting a more universal standard, it's not clear exactly why Apple could be giving USB-C ports to its iPad over the traditional Lightning port.

Apple may be planning to debut a revamped iPad this fall.

Apple will stick to the last year's strategy with the launch of three iPhones however, this time around, the trio will be pretty different. It could help all users if Apple made it easier to identify the availability of 3D Touch via a marker on the app icons. A new MacBook Air redesign should be that moment.

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