Why You Shouldn't Install Fortnite APKs On Your Android

Why You Shouldn't Install Fortnite APKs On Your Android

Why You Shouldn't Install Fortnite APKs On Your Android

The beta launched exclusively on Samsung devices last week, and now it's available on other Android platforms. You'll find plenty of places you can obsessively check to get a modified.APK onto your device, and your character actually into the game, before Epic closes any workarounds. Once your place on the waiting list is confirmed, all you can do is wait until you get an invite to download the software.

Epic Games' decision to not list Fortnite on Play Store is a huge loss for Google.

When I reached out to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney for comment, he didn't praise Google's action, but did call it "reasonable". The Android operating system allows users to download programs from third party services unlike the iOS, which restricts app downloads to the App Store only.

As Fortnite is still in beta on Android, Epic Games isn't prepared for the large number of Android players that would jump into the game if it was available for everyone.

However, the unavailability of Fortnite on Playstore doesn't mean that Android users will miss out on the fun of Fortnite. This equates to over $54M in revenue for Apple, according to Sensor Tower's estimate, which is based off of Apple's 30% cut of all in-app spending on games sold on the App Store. Here's all the compatible Android devices.

As you can see, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is a beast of a weapon, as it is able to blast structures of different kinds away easily. While the message itself appears relatively mundane, this is not standard practice for the Google Play Store. Sadly, however, it's not a straightforward case of downloading the app from the Google Play Store on absolutely every Android phone available.

So there's no need to head to Snobby Shores to pick up the Fortnite treasure map - you just need to know the location it's showing. When that's complete, players will need to either sign into an Epic Games account or create a new one. If you don't want to keep this permission ON after you've installed Fortnite, you can either grant it for this session only, or alternatively go to Settings Security and disable it from there later on.

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