White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders

White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders

White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders

Omarosa, who calls Trump a "racist" in her new tell-all that she is promoting this week, has said she refused to sign the White House NDA.

The rampant use of such nondisclosure agreements underscores a culture - fostered by Trump himself - of paranoia, leaks, audio recordings and infighting that has pervaded his dealings for decades and continues into his presidency, according to current and former aides.

Neither contained outwardly embarrassing language.

"It was my job to tell the President every rumor, innuendo, fact, fiction", Conway said when asked whether she told him about the alleged tape. "I wonder who that is".

Manigault-Newman did note that her source for the tape was "terrified" to come forward, and teased they could be holding onto to it for "politically motivated" reasons ahead of the midterm elections. In many ways, two former senior administration officials pointed out, what Omarosa is doing now is pure Trump.

Not coincidentally, Donald Trump this morning tweeted that Omarosa is a "dog" and a "crazed, crying lowlife" who he gave "a break" when he gave her a job at the White House. The official declined to specify what specific legal steps were being considered.

NBC's Today program played the brief recording, in which a voice presumed to be Mr Trump's claims to have had no knowledge that she was sacked and expresses regret at the news.

"He knew that John Kelly was going to take me into the 'Situation Room, ' and lock me in there, threaten me, and say that things were going to get ugly for me, and there would be damage to my reputation", Newman said of Donald Trump. That's the room where presidents hold the most classified meetings.

It is not even clear that Omarosa's new tape actually contradicts Patton's and the other staffers' claims about the conversation.

Under one agreement from the 2016 campaign, signers promised not to "demean or disparage publicly" Trump, his company or any member of his family - and also not to assist any other politician exploring a federal or state office. The constitutionality of such an agreement is also suspect, but no known legal challenge has ever been made.

Newman said she wanted to give Trump the "benefit of the doubt", that she had a "blind spot" for the president, given their history working together on the reality TV show The Apprentice.

"Wacky Omarosa already has a fully signed Non-Disclosure Agreement!" he wrote. But people familiar with the documents signed by senior officials early in the administration previously told CNN the documents contain little legal underpinning and were devised as a way to placate a President intent on keeping his aides quiet. Trump denied that in a tweet late Monday night, saying "there are NO TAPES of the Apprentice where I used such a bad and disgusting word as attributed by Wacky and Deranged Omarosa". Look at her MANY recent quotes saying such wonderful and powerful things about me - a true Champion of Civil Rights - until she got fired.

CBS News noted that it had not verified the authenticity of the tape of the October 2016 phone conversation, but reported that it "appears to confirm Omarosa's claims that Trump campaign officials were aware of a tape in which then-candidate Trump uses a racial slur, and they talked about how to handle it".

"So now we have one liar [Omarosa] who admits she lied in the past claiming she's telling the truth now about the liar [Trump] she worked for, and a third liar, [Cohen] who's under investigation for lying, who taped the first liar [Trump] to prove he wasn't lying, said the second liar [Omarosa] was lying about the first liar [Trump]", Meyers said.

The special counsel has not responded to an ABC News request for comment. The President has brushed aside presidential norms and his advisers have touted his unconventional style as a breath of fresh air. "He absolutely has an issue with the truth, and sometimes he battles with reality".

This was not the first time Souza has trolled President Trump on social media.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quick to criticize her actions.

Manigault-Newman also accuses Trump in the book of being "racist" and a "misogynist", and of being "mentally and physically impaired". I would rarely see her but heard.

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