Twitch Cuts Ad-Free Viewing Benefit From Prime Membership

Twitch Cuts Ad-Free Viewing Benefit From Prime Membership

Twitch Cuts Ad-Free Viewing Benefit From Prime Membership

Amazon announced today that its 20-percent discount on pre-orders would be discontinued on August 28. Instead of offering a 20-percent discount on game pre-orders, Amazon will now offer its paying Prime members a $10 credit towards future orders.

Everything else available to Twitch Prime users will not go away, and that includes Free Games with Prime and free loot for games. If you already have an annual subscription, or if you upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14, you will continue with ad-free viewing until your next renewal date.

If you're now a monthly Twitch Prime member, you'll get ad-free viewing until October 15. (Twitch Prime comes free with Amazon prime subscriptions.) In most cases the difference will only be a couple of bucks, but as a matter of principle it's not a great look.

If you're still looking to get an ad-free experience across all channels, you can subscribe to Twitch Turbo, which is a $9 per month service. You can still use your Prime subscription on any channel, but this won't disable ads on that channel unless the streamer has ad-free viewing for subscribers turned on. A Reddit thread on the change is full of gamers threatening to kill their Prime subscriptions over the elimination of the 20 percent discount.

Amazon is continuously updating Prime memberships with new features and bonus offers, and there have been a few nice ones which are great for gamers, like Twitch Prime which offers free PC games to members every month. Amazon acquired the popular game-streaming platform in 2014 and launched the Twitch Prime program in 2016. However, Twitch Prime probably wasn't generating much money for the platform; it now comes as a free benefit tacked on to Amazon Prime. The promotional credit only lasts for 60 days and is limited to products sold directly sold by Amazon, not by third-party retailers. Thank you for your support.

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