The Academy Announces Changes To The Oscars, Adds A New Category

The Academy Announces Changes To The Oscars, Adds A New Category

The Academy Announces Changes To The Oscars, Adds A New Category

The 2018 awards show, which clocked in at nearly four hours, was the least-watched Oscars to date. The ceremony will also be shortened in length and will take place on an earlier date, effective in 2020.

The 91st Annual Academy Awards, honoring the film achievements of 2018, will take place February 24, 2019.

There's a new category coming to the Oscars, the Academy announced Wednesday. They're scooching up the broadcast a couple weeks earlier in February - but not until the 2020 telecast.

A three-hour Oscar telecast.

The Academy's board of governors met on Tuesday and reelected president John Bailey for a one year term.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy's board of governors has approved the changes in the wake of falling viewing figures for the annual movie awards. "To honor all 24 award categories, we will present select categories live, in the Dolby Theatre, during commercial breaks (categories to be determined)", a letter to Academy members reads.

While none of the 24 awards will be axed completely some will be shifted to commercial breaks.

Eligibility requirements for the new category have not been publicized, either, but several critics have accused the academy of pandering and lessening the stature of the best picture category.

Additionally, the 2020 Academy Awards will have an earlier date, moving from February 23 to February 9.

This change passed the voting process, which signifies how important it is to make the Oscars broadcast more appealing to a wider range of viewers.

Almost a decade after expanding its Best Picture category to include up to 10 nominees in an effort to feature a wider variety of films, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is making another big change that could mean more spotlight time for genre films and blockbusters.

We are excited about these steps, and look forward to sharing more details with you.

Films like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and others are likely candidates, films that typically would score nominations for things like art, set design, costume design, and other categories but not for things like best film, best actor/actress, etc. Sure. Will it mean as much if it's in a special category that some fans view as a consolation prize that lessens the impact of the blockbusters while also potentially dulling the shine on the Best Picture category?

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