How Sacha Baron Cohen Trolled Sarah Palin in 'Who Is America?' Finale

How Sacha Baron Cohen Trolled Sarah Palin in 'Who Is America?' Finale

How Sacha Baron Cohen Trolled Sarah Palin in 'Who Is America?' Finale

Simpson, who - like all guests on Who Is America?

Cohen had more success pranking Simpson, the former National Football League runningback who in 1995 was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

In the segment, which Deadline claims was filmed using hidden cameras, Simpson sits down for an interview with Gio Monaldo, an Italian billionaire playboy and fashion photographer played by Baron Cohen in prosthetics and a ponytail.

"Hey, hey, hey - I didn't get away with nothing", replies Simpson, who was acquitted of Nicole Brown Simpson's death and the killing of her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995. Simpson, arguably America's most notorious criminal, all while disguised as character Gio Monaldo.

"Hey", Simpson said, laughing nervously. You're not O.J. the movie star.

"He's obsessed about what happened the night with the wife and he wants you to tell him", Gio said.

His sensational show "Who is America?" continues to fill us with immeasurable nachas (and anxiety.) He strategically chose notorious figures to target with sly barbs and sharp-edged guile.

In a promotional video from Showtime released Sunday, Simpson appeared for a conversation with one of Cohen's characters.

That wasn't all - Cohen riled people up by getting disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio to admit that he "may have to say yes" to a blowjob from Donald Trump.

Simpson laughed and said, "No, I didn't kill nobody".

Palin has yet to comment on social media about being trolled by Cohen without actually being shown in the series, and did not yet respond to TooFab's request for comment.

Sarah Palin did not appear in the show, despite getting a credit on it for helping promote it with her complaints about being pranked by Cohen.

"Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered", Nicole Brown's sister Tanya said at the time.

"Me and you, we got something in common". Make sure to check out the tweet below, which also contains a video compilation of the criticism directed towards the show, and let us know what you think.

Christina leaves the set and Simpson calls her "gorgeous".

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