Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries should ´reimburse´ United States for defense costs

Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries should ´reimburse´ United States for defense costs

Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries should ´reimburse´ United States for defense costs

After the two-day summit in Brussels, Trump will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

U.S. ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters that Trump would also recommit to one of the founding articles of NATO - Article 5 - which holds that an attack on one member is an attack on them all.

Germany's plan to increase its defence expenditure to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target of 2% of GDP by 2030. was not good enough, Trump said, adding: "They could do it tomorrow".

But European Council President Donald Tusk was more direct in anticipating that Trump may have designs on sowing discord, delivering a stinging warning to the visiting Americans president.

And I would like to thank President Trump for his leadership on defense spending-it is clearly having an impact,"NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said".

Mere moments before boarding Marine One en route to Brussels for the NATO Summit, US President Donald Trump made his feelings about the alliance clear - again.

Trump, who has compared the sentiment that underpinned the Brexit vote to leave the European Union to his own election, will be making his maiden presidential trip to Britain at a fraught time for May. "It is clearly having an impact", he said. "I am absolutely certain that this summit will show that we are able to deliver on defence despite disagreements on other issues".

The G-7 summit ended with Trump lashing out at the other members and threatening to stop all trade with them if they didn't change their practices.

Germany, Europe's largest economy, now spends 1.24% of GDP on defence.

"Actions speak louder than words", he said.

And a year ago, during his first visit to its Belgium headquarters, Mr Trump initially declined to explicitly support the organisation's defence agreement.

Similarly, earlier on Tuesday the president tweeted, "Getting ready to leave for Europe".

The EU president then directly addressed Trump, "who for a long time now has been criticizing Europe nearly daily for, in his view, insufficient contributions to the common defense capabilities, and for living off the United States". Not fair to the US taxpayer.

"Dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don't have that many", Tusk said, before reminding Trump that European troops had come to America's aid following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

Trump alarmed allies during a visit to Brussels previous year when he did not specifically mention USA backing for Article 5, but aides said later that United States support was assumed and did not have to be mentioned.

According to a joint declaration prepared in advance of the summit, which was seen by AFP, NATO members will make an "unwavering commitment to all aspects of the defence investment pledge agreed at the 2014 Wales Summit" which includes the 2.0-percent target.

Previous US presidents also urged greater defence spending from European nations. "So we're supposed to protect you against Russian Federation, but they're paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation".

"The United States continues to devote more resources to the defence of Europe when the Continent's economy, including Germany's, are doing well and security challenges abound", Trump wrote to German chancellor Angela Merkel, the New York Times reported.

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