The Issue Raised By Cohen’s Trump Tape

The Issue Raised By Cohen’s Trump Tape

The Issue Raised By Cohen’s Trump Tape

The CNN broadcaster released on Wednesday an alleged recording of the then USA presidential candidate Donald Trump's conversation with his former attorney Michael Cohen, where the two seem to be discussing payments to buy the rights to an adult-film actress's story about her purported affair with Trump.

"This tape is more evidence that Donald Trump himself was directly involved in a campaign finance law violation", Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) declared on Twitter. "So sad!. Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things?" I hear there are other clients and many reporters that are taped - can this be so?

In a recording from September 2016, Cohen mentions a plan to buy the rights to a story that Playboy model Karen McDougal allegedly had an affair with Trump years ago.

Cohen reportedly chose to flip on Trump over feelings of personal betrayal, not as part of any significant legal strategy.

Cohen, who has fallen out with Trump, is under federal investigation in NY for his business dealings and reportedly whether hush payments violated campaign finance laws. That was shortly after now First Lady Melania gave birth to their son, Barron. McDougal sold her story to the National Enquirer for $150,000 as the 2016 presidential campaign was in its final months, however the tabloid sat on the story which kept it from becoming public in a practice known as "catch and kill".

When previously questioned about Ms McDougal, President Trump had denied the affair and said he had no knowledge of any payment.

In the tape, Cohen said "we'll have to pay" to purchase the rights to McDougal's story. Trump's advisers are also considering whether they should instead play along and release damning recordings of Cohen, according to two people close to the President.

But what's new and especially threatening to Trump's presidency is Cohen's material, of which there seems to be plenty. Trump's lawyers say the payments were never made.

Giuliani said later he was unconcerned about Cohen moving to cooperate with federal prosecutors against Trump, telling CNN that he did not know what Cohen would have to "flip over". Trump is heard saying "pay with cash" but the audio is muddled and it's unclear whether he suggests paying with cash or not paying.

Cohen replies, "We'll have to pay". In response to the release of the tape Tuesday night, Giuliani released a statement to ABC News, saying, "The transcript that we provided CNN accurately reflects the taped conversation". "I think what this speaks to is something that Americans should really focus onーthat Donald Trump had a system in place inside of his organization that was devised and directed to deal with the women with whom he had various affairs".

Giuliani has said that Cohen ultimately never made the payment that Cohen discussed with Trump. "This is what I first predicted in early April before the Federal Bureau of Investigation search warrants were executed-that ultimately Michael Cohen would flip on the president".

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