President Trump defends ICE and policy of fighting illegal immigration

President Trump defends ICE and policy of fighting illegal immigration

President Trump defends ICE and policy of fighting illegal immigration

Trump, however, in repeated tweets has defended the agency, saying Saturday, "To the great and courageous men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit". According to Trump, the abolition of ICE "will never happen".

Though many who show up to the rallies across the country were seasoned anti-Trump demonstrators, others were new to immigration activism, including parents who say they feel compelled to show up after heart-wrenching accounts of children forcibly taken from their families as they crossed the border illegally.

Trump tweeted his support of the agency Saturday morning and said there was a "zero chance" the agency would be abolished.

"It's important for this administration to know that these policies that rip apart families - that treat people as less than human, like they're vermin - are not the way of God, they are not the law of love", said the Rev. Julie Hoplamazian, an Episcopal priest marching in Brooklyn. "I did nothing wrong", he said.

"We need comprehensive immigration reform and we need new agencies to replace ICE", the mayor told attendees. The debate over the agency's future follows the widespread outcry in recent weeks after the Trump administration separated more than 2,000 migrant children from their parents. "Instead of being insulted with politically-motivated attacks, the men and women of ICE should be praised for risking life and limb every day in the name of national security and public safety". He added: "get rid of ICE you're going to have a country that you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house".

But Trump, who ran on a hard line immigration platform, eased the ICE guidelines in his first week in office, as his Administration declared no groups would be broadly granted exemptions to deportation laws.

The heartless actions of this abused agency do not represent the values of our nation and the US must develop a more humane immigration system, one that treats every person with dignity and respect.

The protests attracted immigration activists as well as other first-time marchers who were drawn to respond to what they see as an immigration crisis on the southern border. Tweeting Saturday from New Jersey, Trump urged ICE agents to "not worry or lose your spirit" and wrote that "the radical left Dems want you out". "You abolish ICE now, you still have the same President with the same failed policies, whatever you replace it with is just still (going to) reflect what this President wants to do".

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., "believes that ICE has been on the wrong end of far too many inhumane and unconstitutional practices to be allowed to continue without an immediate and fundamental overhaul", said her spokesman, Drew Hammill. In interviews with multiple outlets, she has said the government "maybe" or "probably" should "start from scratch" on an immigration enforcement agency. "You are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements".

Angel Padilla, policy director at the grassroots group Indivisible, said ICE "terrorizes communities" and that Gillibrand's move "demonstrates where the progressive base is". Hartford City Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez, of the Working Families Party, said the visceral nature of reporting from the border during the height of the family separation crisis pushed the movement toward a tipping point.

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