Meghan Markle's sister may appear in UK Celebrity Big Brother show

Meghan Markle's sister may appear in UK Celebrity Big Brother show

Meghan Markle's sister may appear in UK Celebrity Big Brother show

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do have children, Meghan will have to give the baby shower a miss and it's all because of royal tradition.

Olivia Munn has harsh words for Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha.

The report comes just two months after Meghan tied the knot with Prince Harry.

"I feel that he deserves that in return".

Meghan has made obvious concessions, with the former actress giving up her figure-hugging skirts. She said that Osbourne's comments have "infuriated" Thomas, but it's also "painful" for Meghan to continue to see him and Samantha speak out against her in the press.

"He's 74 and I felt as though if something were to happen to him, and he passed away, I don't think any of us could live with the fact that he died unhappy and there was not closure. I'm happy for her". "I know he wants that", she said. She doesn't know how to communicate with him, because he's afraid that he's using their communication for their own purposes. "It only seems the right thing to do". Personally, I'd prefer to see her step out in a Nike tracksuit and trainers - it would go some way to making the Royals a little more relatable. Friends say Prince Charles has nicknamed his new daughter-in-law "tungsten" after becoming faintly amused by her unbending ways.

Her new husband, Prince Harry, has notably never met Thomas Markle.

Speaking on "Good Morning Britain" on Monday (23.07.18), Samantha said when pressed on "CBB": "I've worked in media most of my life, why would I not? So because my sister is suddenly Royal isn't grounds for me to stop doing all that".

"And you can make it as positive as you can, there's nothing wrong with it". According to the recent reports, the lengthy list of royal rules bans selfies, social media, dark nail paint, and also includes specific dress guidelines. It's not disparaging, it's not harmful.

Asked again about whether she would appear on the show, she said: "Urm... well, I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you, so".

Channel 5 revealed earlier this week that the next series of Celebrity Big Brother, launching in August, will have the theme: "Eye of the Storm".

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