LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

Magic Johnson is feeling pretty magical after he crowned LeBron James the new King of the Los Angeles Lakers.

James' agreement with the Lakers was announced through a simple press release sent by his agent, Rich Paul, which says James, a 14-time All-Star, three-time Finals MVP, and two-time Olympic gold medalist, was joining the Lakers. The most obvious name thus far hasn't been a free agent, but a guy under contract and unhappy with the San Antonio Spurs.

A source told Shelburne that the Lakers felt a sense of urgency this week to find a co-star to play alongside James, either through free agency with George or through a trade for Leonard.

But, what would potential packages look like?

The outspoken basketball father, who has been busy running the inaugural season of the Junior Basketball Association, referred to James as the "best player in the game" and touted Lonzo's playmaking ability as a pass-first point guard in describing how the two would mesh.

LaVar on how many championships he believes the Lakers will win: "LeBron got a four-year deal, right?"

"How you gonna give my son the best player in the game?" Cleveland lost three of them to the Golden State Warriors.

The game's biggest star will now lead a young Lakers team - run by Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson - that has been over-matched in recent years while rebuilding.

The Cavaliers meant to keep Love as a building block regardless of James' decision, but are interested in gauging the market now that the Lakers secured James with a four-year deal.

It came as little surprise to those in James' inner circle, despite making his route to the NBA Finals infinitely more tricky by placing him on a collision course with the likes of Golden State and Houston.

Let's be clear: coming to terms with LeBron James when he is still performing at historic levels, even without having to lure him in by first adding another star player, is a major coup for the Lakers.

"Lonzo's gonna get along with anybody he plays with".

Lance Stephenson ( previous team- Indiana Pacers) is widely known as the LeBron antagonist but they will share the Lakers locker room next season. But the question is can he bring those championship rings to the Lakers like Magic and Kobe Bryant, both five-time National Basketball Association champions.

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