Israel deploys border reinforcements as Syrians flee strikes

Israel deploys border reinforcements as Syrians flee strikes

Israel deploys border reinforcements as Syrians flee strikes

The fighting centered on the southern city of Daara where Syrian troops pounded rebel positions.

Opposition activists reported violence, even during a 12-hour truce that was reportedly brokered by Russian Federation and Jordan and went into effect at midnight Thursday, saying more than 100,000 people have fled their homes since the government offensive began on June 19.

"Thousands are already reported to have fled their homes but there is also the grave risk that the intensified fighting will see many civilians trapped, caught between Syrian Government forces and their allies on the one hand and armed opposition groups and ISIL on the other", said Zeid.

"The secretary general recalls that the south-west area of Syria is part of a de-escalation agreement agreed between Jordan, Russia and the United States". State TV broadcast scenes of what they said were locals celebrating the army's arrival in the formerly rebel-held town of Ibta and said rebels turned in their weapons.

Israel beefed up its tank and artillery deployment on the Golan Heights frontier with Syria on Sunday, cautioning Damascus´ forces to keep a distance as they sweep rebel-held areas over the border.

Talks to end the Syrian government's offensive on Deraa province collapsed on Saturday after rebels rejected a demand to surrender by regime ally Russian Federation. Israel has sent humanitarian aid across the border for several years. Despite Washington's threats that it would respond to breaches of that arrangement, it has shown no sign of doing so, and the opposition's top negotiator on Thursday accused it of having struck a "malicious deal" to stay silent.

Russian efforts to impose a broad ceasefire in south-west Syria broke down at the weekend, prompting the Syrian regime to undertake fresh air raids.

It has supplied 300 tents and about 60 tons of food, clothing, humanitarian aid and medicine to thousands of internally displaced Syrians who fled heavy bombardment by Syrian government forces.

But rebel participation in negotiations across Daraa province has proved divisive for southwestern Syria's opposition factions, many of whom are split between negotiating a political settlement and continuing to fight.

Opposition negotiators said they would only accept a deal that made Jordan a guarantor for the safety of Deraa province's 800,000 civilians and added that continued air strikes during the talks undermined trust in the process.

One strike killed at least 10 people including five children in the town of al-Sahwa, east of Deraa, it said, raising to 126 the number of civilians killed in the offensive since fighting escalated on June 19.

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