House Conservatives Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

House Conservatives Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

House Conservatives Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

Politico reports that they filed the articles of impeachment hours after meeting with Justice Department officials to discuss demands for documents.

Congressmen Jim Jordan of OH and Mark Meadows of North Carolina were joined by nine other members of their caucus on Wednesday following a meeting with Justice Department officials.

"The [Department of Justice] has continued to hide information from Congress and repeatedly obstructed oversight - even defying multiple congressional subpoenas", he wrote.

A group of conservative Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Republican leaders in the House, including Speaker Paul Ryan, have been clear that they don't wish to impede the Mueller investigation. If he wanted to end it without, say, causing a constitutional crisis that firing the special counsel might, getting rid of Rosenstein is the way to do it. Trump could simply put someone else in his place who was more inclined to blunt or hamper the investigation.

"I am not keeping any information from Congress", Rosenstein said, pointing his finger at Jordan.

House Republicans have criticised Rod Rosenstein for not being responsive enough as they have requested documents related to the Russian Federation investigation as well as a closed investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's emails. Further, they claim that the DOJ has withheld documents and us ignoring Congressional subpoenas.

Rosenstein has fiercely pushed back against his House Republican critics, warning in May that the Justice Department is "not going to be extorted" amid threats that he could be impeached.

Today, Thursday, the two introduced articles of impeachment.

The resolution also goes directly after Rosenstein for his role in the ongoing Mueller investigation, criticizing him for refusing to produce a memo that outlines the scope of that investigation and questioning whether the investigation was started on legitimate grounds.

"This resolution to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is a direct attack on the Special Counsel's investigation - full stop".

"Information has been hidden, efforts have been stonewalled", Meadows said during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday night.

Meadows and Jordan issued a statement saying "evidence continues to mount regarding the Department of Justice's problematic decision-making during the 2016 campaign and conduct surrounding the transition to President [Donald] Trump's administration in 2017".

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

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