GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus escalated their battle against Rosenstein on Wednesday, filing articles of impeachment against the deputy attorney general who they accuse of stalling the handing over of documents to Congress related to the Russian Federation investigation.

If the House were to pass impeachment articles, "this would tie the Senate into knots" when members need to be acting on other matters, Ryan said.

The House conservatives - led by Meadows, Judiciary Committee member Jordan and Nunes - haven't let up on their complaints that Rosenstein and the Justice Department have hidden documents and text messages, engaged in abuse of federal warrants and routinely defied congressional subpoenas.

Republican leaders, however, have said in recent weeks that they are satisfied with the Justice Department's progress.

Sessions, meanwhile, said in Boston on Thursday that Rosenstein is capable and that he enjoys Sessions' "highest confidence".

As Ryan voiced his disapproval, Meadows acknowledged that he didn't now have the votes to pass the impeachment resolution and said he wouldn't use procedural manoeuvrs to trigger an immediate vote - something he had threatened to do. Gowdy, who is opposed to trying to impeach Rosenstein, told reporters afterward that he thought the meeting had been productive "because we're making progress towards compliance".

Ryan said he would continue to support at least the drive to get the Justice Department to give more documents to Congress.

"There are no grounds for House Republicans to impeach Rod Rosenstein.

It is a panicked and unsafe attempt to undermine an ongoing criminal investigation in an effort to protect President Trump as the walls are closing in around him and his associates", the statement read, in part.

The GOP's Freedom Caucus filed articles of impeachment against Trump this week, claiming that Rosenstein wasn't providing enough documents to Congress. Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to discredit the Justice Department, and, by extension, the special counsel's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 USA election.

The Justice Department has made no official comment about the showdown.

Meadows alleged that lawmakers have "caught" Justice officials hiding information from Congress, withholding relevant documents and ignoring congressional subpoenas.

Republicans in the House have been discussing possible impeachment action against Rosenstein for some time.

"There is absolutely no basis to impeach Rod Rosenstein". While we have acted in good faith and given DAG Rosenstein every opportunity to comply with Congressional requests, he has evaded our attempts to conduct oversight time and time again.

The resolution was filed by Republican Reps.

House Republicans have criticized Rosenstein for not being responsive enough as they have requested documents related to the Russian Federation investigation as well as a closed investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's emails.

Democratic Reps. Jerrold Nadler of New York, Elijah Cummings of Maryland and Adam Schiff of California said Rosenstein "stands as one of the few restraints against the overreaches of the president and his allies in Congress".

For his part, Mr. Rosenstein has thumbed his nose at the lawmakers.

"Information has been hidden, efforts have been stonewalled", Meadows said during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday night.

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