Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Surprises Fans at the Her Universe Fashion Show

Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Surprises Fans at the Her Universe Fashion Show

Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Surprises Fans at the Her Universe Fashion Show

Will the new Doctor in Doctor Who address the trolls who negatively reacted to her being cast as the first woman in the role?

While the football spot introduced us, if only vaguely, to the Doctor's presumed new squad of time-travelling companions, this clip gives us some insight into the Doctor herself (herself-wow, that was fun to type).

This move was made with viewers in mind, with Chibnall and co. hoping to make Doctor Who season 11 as enjoyable as possible - for both long-time fans and people who have just gotten into it alike. Armed with a new sonic screwdriver, the 13th Doctor will have "a lot of energy and a lot of childish wonder", Whittaker says.

Whittaker clearly respects the franchise's legacy, as she said filming her first scene was nerve-wracking because she was "in someone else's costume, on someone else's set, in their TARDIS". "And that's why this role will continue to be layered and fascinating to play".

Jodie Whittaker has ruled out the possibility of a gender pay gap controversy with the BBC's sci-fi series Doctor Who. It's also a casting decision that will mean a lot to the show's incredibly passionate fan base, and has nothing to do with being a gimmick. Hopefully, she adds, we won't still be having these conversations in 2020.

The Thirteenth Doctor is making sure to leave her mark at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Since she was cast as the new Doctor, the BBC has been subject to criticism over unequal pay after it was revealed many women were paid less than men for doing similar jobs.

All we know so far is their names - Yasmin, Ryan and Graham - and the fact that they have some sort of connection to the Doctor.

Over the years, the people who travel with the Doctor have been known as assistants and, more formally, companions.

The Doctor Who Comic-Con panel was the major ticket at the world's biggest pop culture convention, and the highlight of its opening day.

America started the panel by showing a video of Whittaker running around the Doctor Who production stage in Cardiff.

I spoke to a young fan named Amelia, who told me she had "been waiting for a girl Doctor for a really long time".

Talking at the panel, incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall explained the approach for his version of the series.

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