Administration Earmarks Up to $12 Billion for Agriculture to Offset Trade War

Administration Earmarks Up to $12 Billion for Agriculture to Offset Trade War

Administration Earmarks Up to $12 Billion for Agriculture to Offset Trade War

"The programs we're announcing today are a firm statement that other nation's can not bully our agricultural producers, to force the United States to cave in", said Perdue.

"That's not free trade, that's fool's trade, that's stupid trade and we don't do that kind of trade anymore", stressed Trump.

European countries are also utterly devoted to one of the biggest barriers in EU-U.S. trade: geographical indications.

At last month's tumultuous G7 summit, Trump told Juncker he was "a brutal killer", Juncker recounted afterwards, noting that he was unsure whether to take Trump's words as a compliment. The Trump administration will reportedly give $12 billion in aid to farmers hurt by the tariffs. More than 80 witnesses are scheduled to testify during a two-day trade hearing starting in Washington Tuesday focused on products from resins and chemicals to large freight containers, electric bicycles and vaping devices.

Trump then moved to the second portion of the agreement, "strengthening of [America's] strategic cooperation with respect to energy".

Many US farm states vote Republican, but Republican candidates in looming congressional elections are anxious about their electoral chances, so the Trump administration has offered farmers a package worth nearly $NZ18 billion.

Hmmm. Read the joint U.S. -EU statement.

She said the "long list" of American goods would include machinery, agricultural and high-tech products, among others. And the European Union has just signed an enormous free trade deal with Japan-an occasion where both counterparts weren't shy to tout their agreement as a riposte to American protectionism.

In announcing the farmer assistance program, USDA secretary Sonny Perdue sent a signal that the Trump administration is willing to help USA industries hurt in the trade war.

Trump said that in the course of working out this agreement, both parties will not "go against the spirit of this agreement unless either party terminates the negotiation".

The United States earlier this month imposed 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products, drawing a tit-for-tat response from Beijing, which targeted politically sensitive USA agricultural products. We have identified a number of areas on which to work together, work towards zero tariffs on industrial goods. He warned against Trump's trade war before it started, saying it would not be good for the U.S.

But Juncker said they had agreed not to impose any new tariffs while talks were taking place. He echoed President Trump and efforts to strengthen energy cooperation and importation of LNG.

"Anything that disrupts the regular market channels is going to have an impact right here in the Valley", said Tom Stanley, an agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension, who added tariffs can have a disproportionate impact on agriculture due to the industry's dependence on exports.

Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas says, "When the tariff war is over... how do we get those markets back?"

"I know that Trump's tariffs targeting China will have some effect, but we're not anxious at all, since we're producing foreign flags every single day", she said.

Trump is meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (zhahn-KLOHD' YUN'-kur) on Wednesday.

Trump called out the names of several Senators present at the joint press conference.

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