WWDC 2018: Will there be any new hardware reveals?

WWDC 2018: Will there be any new hardware reveals?

WWDC 2018: Will there be any new hardware reveals?

Apple WWDC 2018, which stands for Worldwide Developers conference, opens today and will continue till June 8. The event is much awaited not only by Apple enthusiasts but also by developers and technology enthusiasts across the globe. WWDC is one of Apple's most important events of the year. The company launched the iAd platform in 2010 allowing developers to include Apple's tech in its apps to target user with ads.

According to Bloomberg Quint's report, the new Apple initiative will be dubbed Digital Health and will offer a series of tools to help iOS users monitor the amount of time they spend on their smart devices.

However, if there are any new round watchfaces in the developer kit, we might get a glimpse of a future round Apple Watch.

As always, Apple will be live-streaming the event, so you can catch the event right from your home.

At an event Monday, Apple is launching a new IPhone feature that could help curb phone addiction. Though we don't expect it to be announced at the event, a little peek into the new device may just be available tonight. Here's how to watch the live stream and follow our WWDC 2018 live blog. Rumours even suggest that Apple could present a new MacBook Air with a Retina display, 10 years after launching the line, which has barely been updated in nearly three years.

An unverified rumor from MacRumors claims that Spotify may be coming to the Apple Watch alongside a new "StreamKit" framework in watchOS 5.

The original iPhone SE was released in 2016, with Apple the following year opting against their typical yearly handset upgrade. We might expect some hardware announcements and improvement updates for Siri and ARKit. That's three hours later on the US East Coast, of course, as well as 6 p.m.in London, 7 p.m.in Berlin, and 10:30 p.m.in New Delhi.

Then there's also AirPower, the wireless charging pad that was first announced a year ago alongside iPhone X. Though not as exciting as the MacBook Air, the wireless charging pad capable of charging three devices at once finally being announced for sale would also generate a lot of interest.

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