Trump commutes life sentence of grandmother after Kim Kardashian meeting

Trump commutes life sentence of grandmother after Kim Kardashian meeting

Trump commutes life sentence of grandmother after Kim Kardashian meeting

Johnson, 63, had spent more than two decades behind bars, serving life without parole for drug offenses.

In a statement announcing the president's decision, the White House said Johnson "has accepted responsibility for her past behavior" and had been a model prisoner, working hard to rehabilitate herself and serve as a mentor to fellow inmates.

Kardashian West said the song, Wouldn't Leave, was the last one that he played to her. Kardashian became aware of Johnson's story past year after seeing Mic's viral Facebook video profiling the grandmother. It said that Johnson's warden, case manager and vocational training instructor had written letters in support. "I'm a broken woman".

According to data from the Bureau of Prisons released in January, more than 1,500 people in federal prisons are now serving life without parole for drug offenses.

Johnson is the second person commuted by Trump since taking office. Trump previously issued clemency to former sheriff Joe Arpaio, Scooter Libby, Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, boxing champion Jack Johnson, and right-wing pundit Dinesh D'Souza.

- New York Post (@nypost) May 31, 2018Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.

Stewart and Blagojevich both have ties to Trump's former "Apprentice" TV shows, but the White House has denied that Trump is only considering pardons for well-known figures.

Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, also met with West to discuss his efforts on prison reform. Trump commuted his sentence in December 2017 after Rubashkin served eight years in prison.

A grandmother whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump on Wednesday was released from an Alabama prison the same night, her lawyer said. "I made the biggest mistake of my life to make ends meet and got involved with people selling drugs". "And in Alice's case, it is a punishment that absolutely did not fit the crime", Ms. Barnett explained in a statement. "Hopefully, there will be more to come in the future".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stressed that Ms. Johnson had already served nearly 22 years for a first-time criminal office. Her husband, rapper Kanye West, is a high-profile Trump supporter.

Last week Kim Kardashian visited Donald Trump at the White House, which is a sentence I would have found totally ridiculous five years ago. Holley has represented celebrity clients such as Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. While the pardon process under Trump isn't typical, Byrd said that it presented an opportunity in Johnson's case.

"I think that she really deserves a second chance at life", Kardashian told news reporters.

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