Tommy Robinson jailed for Facebook live reporting outside criminal trial in Britain

Tommy Robinson jailed for Facebook live reporting outside criminal trial in Britain

Tommy Robinson jailed for Facebook live reporting outside criminal trial in Britain

The responsibility to exercise that freedom of speech within the law.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court this week after streaming an hour-long rant outside Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson was arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace, and was charged and sentenced within five hours. As he was already serving a suspended sentence for filming outside another trial in May previous year, he was jailed for 13 months.

While sentencing Robinson, a judge warned that if he appeared at another court and risks "substantially derailing" a trial, he would jailed for breaking contempt of court laws, which aim to safeguard the judicial process and stop trials collapsing over fears the jury has been swayed before they have delivered a verdict.

Despite being largely shunned in the United Kingdom, he has become a cause célèbre among prominent European and American figures on the far-right, all of whom have backed him in recent days claiming his right to freedom of speech was breached.

"If the jurors in my present trial get to know of this video I will no doubt be faced with an application to discharge the jury", Marson told Robinson on Friday, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Robinson, of Oakley Rise, Wilstead, Bedford, was arrested after naming defendants in the case, the charges they face and details of the allegations. Subsequently he's been handed a 13 month jail term. It is about justice, and it is about ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly.

This is not some new form of censorship directed at Robinson.

Afzal, who helped convict the infamous Rochdale grooming gang, which was the focus of the BBC award winning drama "Three Girls", has said in a tweet that they "nearly lost the so-called Rochdale grooming case (#ThreeGirls) cos of a far right communication". We had to fight to persuade Court to allow trial to continue.

Robinson co-founded the English Defence League (EDL) in 2009 and has been arrested numerous times during demonstrations and at fights between football fans. A fact raised by journalist and author, Owen Jones. It's unclear where Robinson currently is right now, but the reality of how the United Kingdom is censoring its own people, for simply speaking out on certain issues.

Tommy Robinson is the founder of the English Defense League.

A spokesman for The Independent said: "After Robinson's arrest was broadcast live on social media and his assistants reported his imprisonment, the reporting restriction was effectively made redundant".

A temporary court order is in place banning reporting on the trial, and the judge considered that the information Robinson revealed on his live stream has the potential to force a retrial.

Matthew Harding, representing Robinson, said his client felt "deep regret" at potentially endangering the trial.

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