Pres. Trump signals support for legislation easing United States ban on pot

Pres. Trump signals support for legislation easing United States ban on pot

Pres. Trump signals support for legislation easing United States ban on pot

Gardner and Warren emphasized that their bill does not legalize marijuana on the federal level and does not impose legalization on states that don't want it.

The bill, known as the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act, or STATES Act, has also garnered support in the House from Reps. Gardner. I know exactly what he's doing.

When asked about the measure, Trump told reporters in Washington that "we're looking at it. NCSL continues to support states' sovereignty, respectively, to determine the best legislative path forward, free of preemption and federal overreach", NCSL Executive Director William Pound said. But the two senators shared a podium Thursday to launch new legislation on an issue they can agree on: keeping federal hands off state-legalized marijuana.

But U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated this week that he has made no such guarantees and that the Justice Department intends to enforce federal drug laws, according to Colorado Public Radio. "We hope Congress will approve the STATES Act this session and then begin to work towards descheduling marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act entirely".

It would also allow the federal government and the provinces to levy taxes on legal weed sales amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars annually. "Instead, it allows the principle of federalism to prevail as the founding fathers intended and leaves the marijuana question up to the states". The STATES Act is the product of that effort. Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to protect state-legalized marijuana. Those are both states that have approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. Back in January, he reversed a policy from the Obama Administration that let states handle regulating recreational marijuana use. And it's defined as having a high potential for abuse and also having no accepted medical use, which obviously differs from laws in many states.

Gardner has told reporters that he spoke with Trump before introducing the bill and expects he'll sign it. "I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana - so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that's only slightly less terrible". Tony Dean, the bill's sponsor in the upper house.

Because of federal regulations, most marijuana businesses are barred from traditional banks and opening lines of credit.

Trump has never touched drugs, alcohol or cigarettes after watching his airline pilot brother Fred lose his battle with alcoholism in 1981 aged just 43. On Friday, the president said his aides were reviewing similar cases that appear to have drawn "unfair" treatment from the justice system.

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