India to join Clean Sea Campaign: PM Narendra Modi

India to join Clean Sea Campaign: PM Narendra Modi

India to join Clean Sea Campaign: PM Narendra Modi

Plastic pledge is rubbishTuesday, June 5: Greenpeace warns that today's announcement of the "Beat Plastic Pollution" declaration is an industry-led false solution for tackling the scourge of plastic pollution in our oceans. According to MacArthur Foundation, there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans at present, which means about 1 tonne of plastic for every three tonne of fish.

Speaking at the state environment ministers' conference here, he said that an emotional attachment with the environment is imperative for its preservation.

"So the problem is big, but the ability to change is also big", Solheim said.

"People all across the United Kingdom are on the same page: ocean plastic pollution needs tackling and it is urgent that supermarkets take meaningful action to reduce their plastic footprint now".

"Fifteen thousand tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day, 9,000 tonnes is collected and recycled, but 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste is not collected and remain littered", Javadekar said. He said, India is reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and it is switching sources of fuel where possible. Forest cover is increasing in the country. "We in ITC are extremely committed through our initiative of Well being out of Waste (WOW), which focusses on providing an end-to-end sustainable and a scalable solution spanning the entire value chain right from awareness, segregation, collection and promotion, reuse or recycle of solid waste". Namami Ganga Abhiyan is cleaning river Ganga and the results are visible.

Addressing the Plenary Session of the World Environment Day 2018 celebrations, Modi said that plastic now threatens to become a menace to humanity. The report analyzes the complex relationships in our plastics economy and offers an approach to rethink how the world produces, uses and manages single-use plastics.

A symbol of multi-lateral unity, the International Solar Alliance, launched by India and France in 2015, now has more than 60 member states, he added.

Coca-Cola sustainability manager South Pacific Sarah Prestwood said the seven-year timeframe in shifting to recyclable packaging was due to it being a complex task. The Gujarat Pollution Control Board, despite criticism from the high court, is not equipped to deal with plastic pollution. It also promotes the role of the oceans and the importance of conserving and protecting the marine environment.

World Environment Day is the United Nation's most significant day of the year for encouraging worldwide awareness and action regarding the preservation of our environment. He will also visit the exhibition set up on the occasion at the Rajpath lawns.

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