Him Too: 'Today' Makes Hay Out Of Clinton #MeToo Interview 06/07/2018

Him Too: 'Today' Makes Hay Out Of Clinton #MeToo Interview 06/07/2018

Him Too: 'Today' Makes Hay Out Of Clinton #MeToo Interview 06/07/2018

The former House Speaker says Clinton appears to have lost his swing since Hillary's loss and should have been better prepared for tough questions about his past and the #metoo movement.

"The important thing is that was a very painful thing that happened 20 years ago, and I apologized to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family, and to the American people", he said.

In an interview with NBC's "Today" released Monday, Clinton bristled at questions over whether he should have resigned 20 years ago because of his sexual relationship with the White House intern.

Amid backlash for what Stephen Colbert described as a "tone-deaf response", Clinton tried again.

Sara Haines first took issue with Clinton's frustration with NBC's Craig Melvin, chiding the former president for "not completely understanding the time we are in".

"No, I do not", Clinton said when asked if he owed her an apology. He accused Melvin of "omitting facts" and said "nobody believes that I got out of that for free".

"No. I do not - I have never talked to her". "We had never heard about anything like this about a president, in the White House, in the Oval Office, in the United States".

Clinton said he was mad at himself after watching the NBC interview and that he meant his apology to Lewinsky back then and still does today.

Flowers laughed at Clinton's assertion that he supports the #MeToo movement. She then suggested Trump and Clinton have more in common than it seems. "I was a little bit ashamed to admit that because in a way, I mean, I felt guilty because I was a willing participant, at a point", she added.

Lewinsky has not responded to Clinton's interviews, but wrote on Twitter that she was out of the country and unable to find video clips.

"In fact the exchange began with the question: 'Did you ever apologize to her?' Melvin boasted this morning". To the left's credit they have turned on some of their own, Harvey Weinstein whose sexual misconduct started the #MeToo movement was a Hollywood liberal and Democratic Senator Al Franken was forced to resign once sexual misconduct allegations against him were made public.

"I don't know what people say in their books, what I know is if they were complicit, that's their marriage and that's what they do", Goldberg said, insisting Clinton "is the woman who goes through it every day, every day from both sides".

In another appearance on Tuesday, at a New York Times event, Clinton added a dose of condescension to his criticism of Melvin.

Co-author James Patterson might be having second thoughts, as well, though when you invite Bill Clinton as a writing partner you have to know he's going to take over, one way or the other, even when that book is titled "The President Is Missing".

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