Democrats gain in congressional vote test

Democrats gain in congressional vote test

Democrats gain in congressional vote test

He'll face off against Republican businessman John Cox, who is backed by President Trump, in November's gubernatorial race in California.

In the central state of Iowa, Democrat businessman Fred Hubbell will represent his party in the governorship race against incumbent Republican Kim Reynolds, who took over the reins after former governor Terry Branstad was appointed the US ambassador to China.

Proponents in California said it would encourage more independent voters to participate in primaries and it would lead to more moderates winning elections, because candidates would not have to woo their liberal or conservative party extremes to win primaries.

U.S. Democrats on Wednesday said the results of nominating contests in California and New Jersey put them in a stronger position to gain control of Congress in November and oppose Republican President Donald Trump.

Women Democrats won spots on the November ballot in key House races in Iowa, New Jersey, Montana and New Mexico, continuing a trend that began earlier this year. Yet the winners and losers in California's most competitive races could take days to sort out given the state's unique election laws.

They are two candidates with a very different vision.

Despite what remains an unclear victory for Democrats in California's primaries for the House of Representatives, Republicans were shut out of several state races. The successful recall campaign strips Democrats of their supermajority control of the state Senate, although they hope to win it back in the fall. Party operatives don't expect 2018 to match 2016 in terms of turnout, but need the electorate to look more like a presidential year than a typical midterm.

In Alabama, four-term Republican Rep. Martha Roby was forced into a runoff election next month after failing to win 50 percent of her party's vote.

In California, national Democrats spent more than $7 million trying to curb and fix the damage inflicted by Democrats attacking each other in districts opened by retiring Republican Reps.

The California GOP is relieved to have a candidate at the top of the ticket in the governor's race this fall after Tuesday's primaries.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey fended off three Republican challengers, while Representative Kristi Noem became the first female nominee for governor of South Dakota.

Deb Haaland, who secured the democratic nomination for congress in New Mexico's first congressional district, will likely be the first-ever Native-American woman to serve in Congress, as her district is a safe seat for Democrats. Fox News even salivated over the possibility of two Republicans running against each other in California.

It was a different story in MS, where 66-year-old Gladys Cruz wasn't sure which Republican she would support in the state's Senate primary, but she wanted whoever won to firmly support Trump. Deciding is hard (as we saw during the 2016 Republican presidential nomination contest) in expanded, networked parties because there's nothing even remotely like a formal hierarchy.

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday's election, Democratic strategists became very concerned that they could be frozen out of contention in several of the targeted districts. In his speech on election night, Newsom described Cox as "a foot soldier in Trump's war on California".

Then is it fair to say that President Trump is factor in the governor's race? But there are some warning signs for both parties.

The older the voter, the more enthusiastic they are about voting in the upcoming midterm elections. The two candidates with the most votes, regardless of party affiliation, face off in the November general election. However, it should be remembered that in some of these districts, especially the 10th and 48th congressional districts, the second-place Democratic candidate is only narrowly ahead of a third-place Republican. "Republicans ended up winning in all of the seven seats they were trying to numbers are well above we thought they would be and the Republican nearly made it in the general election in my race as well, so I'd say Republicans that were very motivated given tax cuts and the economy. that's something that's playing well in my community".

The governor's race was one of many drawing attention to California.

He told supporters on Tuesday that he relishes a fight with Cox, who he called "a foot solider" for Trump's war on California.

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