The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel

The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel

The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel

It's a debate that's been tearing the internet apart, at least this week: A piece of audio posted across social media sounds like "Laurel" to some people, and "Yanny" to others.

The internet has brought us another heated debate of the senses - not a picture this time, but an audio clip. Is it Yanni or Laurel?

Several classmates posted the audio to Instagram and Reddit, and it went viral from there.

The two words mesh well enough to be combined into one recording. It is Laurel and not Yanny alright.

Many more claimed they heard one word at one time, then another on a different occasion - appearing to signal it can change depending on your surroundings or sound device.

Kothare suggested that the recording was likely "cleverly synthesized" to trick our brain's powers of speech detection.

Some have said the speakers used have something to do what an individual hears. Everyone is asking do you hear Yanny or Laurel? "It seems like the two words are overlying each other". Kimmel concluded that maybe people really do have their own realities and that he might owe President Trump an apology for not believing that his Inauguration crowd was as large as the president said it was.

Dr. Ferenc Bunta, a communication sciences professor at the University of Houston, said the difference is if you're hearing the audio or listening to it.

"But in this case we have an isolated sound with no context", forcing people to rely on a variety of other factors such as voices they've listened to recently.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that this is the most hotly-contested meme since "The Dress", where people were split on whether it was a gold or blue hue.

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