San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

"As Amazon continues its aggressive expansion and historic innovation, many US cities are being treated to remarkable perks, including Free two-hour alcohol delivery, self-checkout grocery stores, and unlabeled, unpackaged returns to Kohl's".

Earlier this year, Recode reported that Amazon had plans of opening as many as six new Amazon Go outlets in 2018.

Today the word comes down that Amazon Go stores are set to arrive in Chicago and San Francisco, and the company is looking for store managers in both locations. It is recently reported that Amazon had its eye on an Amazon Go location in San Francisco's Union Square neighborhood. There are still no more announcements about when future stores will be ready for the general public, but real-estate tracker Curbed has hunted down the locations selected by Amazon. Aside from Seattle, Los Angeles is also a possible location of another cashierless store.

Ever since the opening of the first Amazon Go store this past January, there have been hints from executives that expansion is a given. (NASDAQ:AMZN) likes what it sees from its futuristic cashierless store concept.

According to a Seattle Times review of the store there, the "natural grab-and-go experience ... was about as easy and painless as promised". Not only that there are no cashiers, Amazon Go stores don't even have checkout counters, thereby eliminating the need for shoppers to wait in line. Once inside, they can take soda, salads or anything else off its shelves and just walk out. The customers are automatically charged for the items they've picked up once they leave the store and a receipt is sent to the app.

The 11 key-factors they looked at include restaurants participating in Prime Now, Amazon bookstores, free two-hour Whole Food delivery and Amazon Lockers.

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