Ready to become PM: Rahul; BJP says win state polls first

Ready to become PM: Rahul; BJP says win state polls first

Ready to become PM: Rahul; BJP says win state polls first

Considering that Sonia Gandhi is in indifferent health and has desisted from electioneering for almost two years, this visit to a region from which she was once elected to the Lok Sabha (from Bellary) is a way of enthusing the Congress cadres who feel down and out with Rahul Gandhi's lacklustre performance.

"Nobody can become a prime minister just because the person says so, it is the people who decide who will be the prime minister", Fadnavis told reporters in Mumbai while responding to a query on the comments made by Gandhi. The RSS and Muslim brotherhood do not see elections the way we seethem. "Will you adopt their model or you will adopt model of your closest associate", she said.

Ms Gandhi said Prime Minister Modi is virtually carrying a "ghost (bhoot)" of eradicating Congress from political relevance in the country and said it is not only Congress, in effect he (Modi) does not tolerate any opponent.

"Modiji is very proud of the fact that he is a great orator".

On Tuesday, Modi, by far the main vote-getter for the BJP, was back on the stump, addressing rallies across the state and vowing to make a militarily and economically strong India. He speaks like an actor.

"Does such things befit a Prime Minister?"

BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said while it is Gandhi's right to "dream" about becoming the prime minister, even Congress' allies were not accepting him as their leader. He is possessed by the devil of Congress-mukt bharat (Congress-mukt Bharat ka bhoot laga hai), Sonia told the audience, as she attacked the prime minister for doing nothing for the middle class, women, girls, dalits and backward classes.

Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, which has its core base of support in the north and west, has pinned its hopes on Karnataka because it has little presence in any of the southern states dominated by regional parties. "Modi ji, is this your 'sabka saath, sabka vikas'?" This Congress government is dividing communities, castes, voters. divide and rule, pit one against the other.

"Congress lacks a forward looking vision for the development of Karnataka, which needs a BJP Government which is sensitive and receptive in nature", Prime Minister Modi said.

Meanwhile, Mr Javadekar said that in Badami, they found a dairy from a Congress worker whihch gave details of people getting money from the Congress party and demanded that the badmai poll too should be countermanded.

Shah claimed many Hindus were "murdered" in Dakshina Kannada district but nobody was even arrested.

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